destination charge

destination charge

since I can almost walk to the Fremont factory, I'm wondering if there is still a destination charge if I can pick up the car from the factory? Or is this always a standard charge no matter what?

Redmiata98 | 31. Juli 2017

Standard charge no matter what

weluvm3 | 31. Juli 2017

But Tesla's stockholders will thank you for it. You may get a Christmas card.

Unbeliever | 01. August 2017

The destination charge Federally mandated.

weluvm3 | 01. August 2017

Yes, but there is no "Federal Mandate" that Tesla is required to pocket the entire amount and not provide anything to the buyer in return in case no actual transportation costs are incurred (I.e., if the car is truly delivered at the factory.)

That's entirely Tesla's decision.

gwolnik | 01. August 2017

I'm about 20 miles from the factory, too far to walk, but I would bicycle there to save the delivery fee! I can also get there by bus with one or two transfers.

Tesla2018 | 01. August 2017

I can see it now attack of the Superthrifty......So does that mean if I live near the Goodear factory in Akron Ohio can I order a car with no tires and have them installed there and get a discount because they dont have to ship them all the way to Califoria. Or if I want to have my car painted indigo purple by Maaco can I get a car that has primer only so I dont have to pay for Maaco to put extra primer to cover the black paint that comes on the standard car. Or can I get a seat delete since I want to use it as a track car and put Recaros in it. What about taking a dollar off by not putting water in the wiper reserve since I have water at home? I cant believe how demanding and cheap people are getting. They have a haf million car backlog. They probably could double the price and still sell 250000 cars. Granted we all want to save money and if a majority of people say they would pay 1500 for a glass roof but not $5000 for a package with it they might listen.
I was on a waiting list for a car for about 2 years and the manfactuer said thst to keep the car light and to have increased performance(which eeryone wanted) they were not goingng to have air conditioning as an option.(which almost everyone wanted and was willing to pay extra for) the company changed their minds. said that it would be standard.

If you buy a Corvette you can take factory delivery and still have to pay the delivery fee and then they charge even more for the factory delivery option. Bmw may still offer a European delivery option but it costs more in long run too

Bighorn | 01. August 2017

BMW Eurodelivery was a discount program even though they had to deliver them to your dealer stateside after you vacationed in Europe.

stevenmaifert | 01. August 2017
hkumin | 01. August 2017

I don't mind paying the destination charge. I just want to pick it up at the factory, drive it back to Oklahoma without paying the CA sales tax.

NKYTA | 01. August 2017

Back in 2012 I could have payed $990 to have my car delivered via flatbed to my house ... or I could pick it up at the Fremont factory 20 miles away, for $990.

It seems not much has changed. ;-)


Unbeliever | 01. August 2017

California law isn't going to let you do that (pick it up in Freemont and drive it home), without paying CA sales tax.

There was an attempt to legislate an exemption for "not registered in California" deliveries. But it went nowhere. If you pick up in Freemont, California, the state is going to take their pound of flesh.

The best you can hope for is that your home state has a "sales tax paid somewhere else" credit, but even then, I don't no many, if any states with higher vehicle sales taxes.

dsvick | 02. August 2017

Just as an FYI and to try to stop this persistent rumor... The delivery charge is not federally mandated. The only thing the government has to say about it is that it has to appear as a separate line item on the invoice.