"wall chargers sold out" coming soon to a website near you.

"wall chargers sold out" coming soon to a website near you.

"Tesla wall charger is sold out."
That will be coming so if you need one better get one.
nearly everyone who decides to get a model 3 will need one more or less.
Get yours before they're gone. Only 10% orders already have one.
That leaves 450k that need one approx.

Ehninger1212 | 01. August 2017

...actually you don't NEED one. I'm not going to be purchasing one.

rxlawdude | 01. August 2017

Where do you see the Wall Charger is sold out? It's available on the website right now.

dmm1240 | 01. August 2017

Got mine three weeks ago for my MX arriving the end of this month. Would like to say I'm brilliant but it never occurred the wall mounts would sell out. Lucky timing on my part.

dd.micsol | 01. August 2017

I said coming soon. Not that it's sold out now. Read please.

dsvick | 01. August 2017

Why would you say that nearly everyone that gets a model 3 will need one? I don't really see it ...

rxlawdude | 01. August 2017

@dd, It's wild speculation on your part that this will happen, and the title of the thread is misleading.

stevenmaifert | 01. August 2017

What makes you think "nearly everyone who decides to get a model 3 will need one more or less"? The vast majority of MS/X owners just use the UMC that comes with the car plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. The HPWC will work with the M3, but the UMC provides the maximum charge rate the M3 can take. If you have your heart set on a hard wired higher powered unit, buy the HPWC, but there are less expensive alternatives.

dd.micsol | 01. August 2017

Yes and a lot slower charging. If you have 2 model 3 with 80kw batteries you'll struggle to charge both of them overnight on the cheap rate. Do it once and do it right.
NO the title is not misleading at all. only 50k in stock-tesla agent on phone told me.

PhillyGal | 01. August 2017


COrich | 01. August 2017


Um, 50K in stock is pretty good. Unless you are assuming that no more will ever be made, I would never expect a company to stock the complete production estimate for the next couple years. Depending on the lead time for the wall connector, Tesla only needs a small percentage in stock at any given time.

I doubt that many people are going the install a HPWC more than a couple months before their car arrives. I have 2 240V NEMA 14-50 outlets in my garage (each on its own circuit) to charge my X and a future second BEV (hopefully a Tesla Model 3 that I have reserved). I can fully charge my X overnight in a couple hours most of the time. At other times when I have a day of higher distance travel, I can charge within 10 hours even if I end up with 0% and want to charge to 100% (I have NEVER let the vehicle get below 15% and only charge to 100% when leaving on a long trip).

In other words, the NEMA 14-50 outlet it fine for the majority of owners. Just install 2 if you are going to have 2 cars.

stevenmaifert | 01. August 2017

PG - I think so. M3's with 80 kWh batteies? Struggling to charge 2 M3 overnight. Not if you have 2 UMCs (that come with the car) plugged into 2 NEMA 14-50s. Same or better charge rate than if you had 2 HPWCs load sharing on a 100A circuit and a lot cheaper. There's medication for that!

dd.micsol | 01. August 2017

And Electrician charges?????? installation????
Come on Steven be real.

slasher0016 | 01. August 2017

Yeah this is a silly thread. I have zero interest in buying a charger. The nema 14-50 will be more than adequate for 98% of people.

dave.m.mcdonough | 01. August 2017

SPREAD FEAR!! SHORT THE STOCKS!! Also, roll the eyes.

SCCRENDO | 01. August 2017

The NEMA is more than enough. I chose to install a HPWC because I needed an extra UMC and got a $500 rebate from my city. Will add a second HPWC when I get my Model 3

TESLA CA | 01. August 2017

I have 2 Teslas, MS & MX and don't have a wall charger! Because I don't really need one since they already come with charging cable and adapters in a bag! You just have to install NEMA 14-50 plug,?so why spent the extra money!

AJPHL | 01. August 2017

It's going to be a while before 50k M3s have even been manufactured. And they are not all going to households that already have another Tesla. Not sure why the panic?

jlxjl | 01. August 2017

Unless you get the option for a dual on-board charger for your car (don't know if M3 will offer that option), the charging capacity of the HPWC is slightly higher than the Nema 14-50 (48 A vs 40 A). With the dual on-board charger option (available on MS/MX), the HPWC is required to charge at 72 A. I agree that for most people, using a Nema 14-50 plug is sufficient.

stevenroglen | 01. August 2017

I posted about this earlier and the popular consensus was that this will not be an issue.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 01. August 2017

There are plenty of these NEMA 14-50 accessories, or similar, available at just about every hardware store in the U.S.


$8.88 __ Leviton 50 Amp Flush Mount Shallow Single Outlet, Black
Model# R10-00279-S00

$2.94 ___ Legrand Pass & Seymour 2-Gang 1 Power Outlet Wall Plate - Stainless Steel
Model# SL703CC12

$33.00 ___ GE 50 Amp Temporary RV Power Outlet
Model# U054P


$8.78 ___ Utilitech 50-Amp Range Power Outlet
Item # 409859 Model # 2106S

$1.98 ___ Utilitech 1-Gang Stainless Steel Single Round Wall Plate
Item # 423856 Model # 84SBS


$6.79 ___ Pass and Seymour 279 Single-Flush Range Receptacle, 4-Wire
Walmart #: 563275673

Mr.Tesla | 01. August 2017

When click bait becomes click hate.

SUN 2 DRV | 01. August 2017

There are lots of good reasons to install a Wall Connector even if you don't need/want the higher charge rate.

Personally I'd never use a UMC on a daily basis... To each his own...

Xerogas | 01. August 2017

OP, you said "wall chargers sold out" and "Tesla wall charger is sold out." Both misleading. Read your own writing. (Yes, I understand you tried to modify those by saying "That will be coming", but it's a very confusing way of communicating)