1000 Miles in: Amazing Vehicle

1000 Miles in: Amazing Vehicle

We have the 100D. After less than 2 weeks, we have 1,037 miles.

Two road trips:
1) Jersey Shore last weekend
2) Boston (currently)

Love that I made it to Boston from NJ (225 Miles) with ~64 miles to spare. We didn't even charge to 295 max(!) but left with 286 "in the tank"... We drove in Range mode, 77 degrees inside, me, my wife and my two shorties, generally staying under 65 MPH.
Avg projected range over 30 Miles was consistently higher than the rated miles and for long stretches we were below 300 WH/mi.

Love the FWD. It is so easy to get kids in and out of their car seat. I didn't expect to appreciate this feature so much. Additionally, no need for me to open the doors on the traffic side, my two daughters easily jump out on what ever side the FWD are open on.

Don't understand why I can't get the amount of miles driven on my dashboard. I like seeing the milestones, but I can only get it on main screen.

Easter Egg: My kids do not get tired of the ModelXmas. I had no idea about this, until my Wrap guy showed me.

LOVE the wrap color. SO HAPPY I DID THAT. Really unique look and steady compliments from passers by.

TIRE BANDS ARE A MUST. I put them one as soon as I got home. Went to a hand car wash, who proceed to run my rim into the casing that pushes the car through wash. My tire band popped out.... NO damage to the Rim, and I popped the Tire Band in. His response... I am sorry..... I will wash my X in my driveway for the rest of the summer.... GET THE TIRE BANDS... especially if you have the Sonic Carbon Rims.

Really like that the Driver's door opens for you (i did not get the Self presenting Doors). Less change of scuffing with your shoes as you step out.

Minor issues post delivery:
1) notice that one of the shelves that holds the Trunk cover was broken
2) Front console cover had scratches
3) three small dents, two fixed by my Wrap Installer, one that he didn't catch before it was wrapped
4) tiny, tiny crack in the Left Head light cover

Enjoying our ride immensely.

dirk | 02. August 2017

You can get all the trip info in the dashboard. Just push down on the scroll wheel on the steering wheel and select the "Trip" option. It's in the manual (page 40).

packpike | 02. August 2017

Do you have any photos of what it looks like wrapped? My Model X is set for delivery in September and I'm considering doing a matte wrap. I have the silver metallic.

macd1995 | 02. August 2017

It is not an XPEL wrap, so not maximum protection, but that is the trade-off I made.

BlackXman | 24. September 2017

Love the wrap choice. Refreshing to see one not matte black! Though I do like matte black, a lot, just seems to be the go to.

carlk | 24. September 2017

I love the dash trip screen that tells you not only miles driven but time spent since trip started too.

NewTMan | 26. September 2017

Who did the wrap? I am in NJ also and am looking for a guy.