Which is better?

Which is better?

1) Discussing Trump and how he doesn't believe in climate change?
2) States blocking Tesla from doing business?

I personally think we keep political topics off Tesla's forum unless it's how to prevent states from blocking Tesla's business tactics.
Those states need help. I need help, I'm in Kansas.

We all know Trump's position on climate change.

"Keep these forums on clean energy and Tesla topics!"✊️

J.T. | 11. August 2017

What would be better is people not reading topics that don't interest them and allowing others to discuss what they please.

JayInJapan | 11. August 2017

J.T. &#x1f44d

JayInJapan | 11. August 2017

Thumb up (fail)

SCCRENDO | 11. August 2017


rxlawdude | 11. August 2017

What would be even better is to make the title of the thread something like "Don't post anything about politics unless it benefits me," given that the OP is more than happy to talk politics when it affects HIM.

Rocky_H | 11. August 2017

Huh, so many good ideas in here...except the OP.