Xpel Stealth Video on Blue Model X

Xpel Stealth Video on Blue Model X

For those interested, I had my blue model X Xpel wrapped with Stealth recently and made a video showing the results. Hope you enjoy:

YouTube -- 3HP4B0KXBFw

Sorry you'll have to copy and paste the back part of the YouTube link as it won't let me post the full or partiak link, for some reason it keeps triggering as spam... You can open you tube then search: 3HP4B0KXBFw

(Super annoying!)

Starlifter | 13. August 2017

looks awesome.

i'm struggling to decide if I want to go the Xpel route or the Opti-coat plus route.

Triggerplz | 13. August 2017
joemar10 | 13. August 2017

If it's not too personal, ballpark cost? and what part of the country are you in? I'm getting that same color combo. My wife and I both love the look. We figured on maybe doing that, and then in 5 or 6 years removing it and having esentially new looking car.

rgrant | 13. August 2017

Love the look. I'm finding the model 3 colors too glossy. The semi-gloss look shows off the curves beautifully!

blue adept | 13. August 2017

Looks, surprisingly, good, though my concern with vinyl wraps is the potential for the development of condensation between the wrap and the actual body panels causing the formation of blistering/corrosion/rust.

Anyone around with any insight?

Triggerplz | 13. August 2017

Very Nice, I didn't know you snuck that referral code in there at the end until after I posted the link

rgrant | 14. August 2017

Now I'm thinking - black M3 and getting it wrapped like this for the dull sheen effect.

KP in NPT | 14. August 2017

Looks great!!!

MyXinTx | 14. August 2017

@rgrant - I have Midnight Silver in Xpel Stealth, which hides the dust. Saw several in black that highlights the dust.. just be sure to check that out before committing

rgrant | 16. August 2017

Ok thanks!

tompilot | 24. August 2017

regarding plastic coats and hard coatings
I live near Chicago. Certainly the worst place for car finishes short of a dust storm in the Mid East.
On our last four cars (not Tesla) we had the Xpel or similar plastic put on to protect from salt and rock chips.
Also on lower panels of my Escalades. Works very well and have never had any condensation.
After just one week with my new beloved MX100D I had the front (hood and fenders) coated with Xpel.
Looks great. Also had it coated with Modesta 5, They clay it first then apply the film (it will not stick to the Modesta) and then treat the whole car (I only had the painted surfaces done)
It really really shines. If you do get a bubble (we have never had one) they claim that a little heat will take it out.
FYI - the Tesla's are made in CA. The EPA rules there prevent the use of really hard paints. We first experienced this on our helicopter rotor blades. They need to be painted on the leading edges to prevent corrosion and separation. Told by the factory that they cannot use the better paints and that we should repaint with different material when able. I suspect that the Tesla paint is probably also softer that what we are used to on our cars. This is just a guess so please correct me if I am wrong.

blue adept | 27. August 2017


What about electrostatic powder coating?