The mirrors on MX are not folding in

The mirrors on MX are not folding in

For some reasons the mirrors have stopped folding in. I have the setting for Auto Fold turned on. Nothing happens when I lock the car or when I press the middle button on the driver side door panel to open/close the mirrors.

Any advice?


XBebbi | 28. September 2017

I called Tesla on late Tuesday evening. The guy on the phone tried a few things but couldn't solve the issue so he said he had to forward the case to the SC.
Now I just called back my SC as I missed their call yesterday and was busy till now. Here in Switzerland they never heard of this problem, at least the person I spoke with. I think he's not a techie so he wasn't aware of a possibility to reset the controller remotely. He will forward it to an engineer who will look into it tomorrow.
I don't know if it is related with the mirror bug in the Xmas show but after I mentioned that my X is draining about 16km (~10mi) of charge daily, the SC guy said something keeps my X awake the whole time.
Did anyone else had the same issue while having the mirror stuck after Xmas show?

Dale | 30. September 2017

The kids wanted to see the XMAS show, so I ran it today and had the same problem, the Mirrors aren’t working now.....but it was definitely worth it....! I suppose we wait for the next update and hope that there is a fix to this problem....! I look forward to getting it resolved.

inconel | 30. September 2017

if you want to get the mirrors working before an upgrade just give Tesla a call. They will send a fix very quickly.

Vawlkus | 02. Oktober 2017

Is it a permanent fix though? I run that show a couple times a month at car shows.

inconel | 02. Oktober 2017

I don't think we have a permanent fix yet which seems strange given that it is easy for Tesla to unstuck every time after a show.

douglux | 02. Oktober 2017

Picked up my MX Friday, ran the x mas show for my kids almost immediately upon getting home (they LOVED it). Mirrors won't fold. I have a call into my local SC.

nitinr | 02. Oktober 2017

This software update (Ver.2017.34 2448cfc) broke mirror fold feature of my vehicle. My passenger side mirror stays open . It doesn't fold at all with auto fold on and it with manual switch either. I went to Tesla service mechanic did some reset. After that folding worked for 2 days and now I am back to same problem.
No I didn't ran the x mas show!!

XBebbi | 03. Oktober 2017

I have an SC appointment on the 12th. Will post the results of that visit.

jan.anglin | 05. Oktober 2017

The passenger side mirror does not fold in whether using manual switch or setting adjustment on the touchscreen or when using the fog (three presses). The driver side mirror does fold. Holiday show done yesterday and noticed the mirror problem afterward. SC appointment soon,

douglux | 05. Oktober 2017

I went to the local SC. They got it working again and then they pushed out the latest SW (2017.38 f87c64d5) to me and said when I update it will be permanently fixed. I updated and the windows work but I haven't done the X mas show since so not 100% its permanent fix

bob | 05. Oktober 2017

@ douglux - my power steering died earlier this week. (If it ever happens to you - you'll quickly appreciate just how heavy the MX is. I digress). I had the same update pushed with the same verbal confirmation from the Dublin SvC. I have not run the holiday show and don't plan to until I hear of multiple success stories. I need the mirrors to fold to fit my X in my garage :)

BTW, according to tech at SvC I was at least the 3rd power steering failure on Tuesday this week (at that location). They said it was a firmware issue but the tech opened the frunk and unbolted one of the upper panels to repair. It seemed like a fuse reset more than a firmware issue to repair. But I was doing paperwork with another tech and couldn't stick my head under the hood to see what the tech did to fix the power steering.

macd1995 | 06. Oktober 2017

TMC forum is most helpful. Service center can push fix over the air. Just call and tell them. The mirrors will function in 45min or less. | 07. Oktober 2017

I am in UK and had the same issue of passenge-side mirror not folding after X-mas show. Called support, they pushed some update, I did soft restart, and issue resolved.
Apparently this is temp fix, permanent depends on the software version, which depends on model and geo. Not yet for my X in UK.

SteveMost | 13. Oktober 2017

I ran the Xmas Easter Egg last night and afterward my mirrors WORKED PERFECTLY! Looks like 2017.38.4 be12575 fixed the problem...

Vawlkus | 13. Oktober 2017

Ok, I want v.38 then.

hombergen | 15. Oktober 2017

I am on the V.36 and I have the passenger mirror that is not folding anymore, only working when doing the easter egg show, will wait for the V.38 update and hope that it helps.

XBebbi | 17. Oktober 2017

@thombergen I had the same issue with my X. Had to visit the SC and they told me a "control module hung itself up". That was also the reason why the X didn't went to sleep and therefor drained up to 20km of range per day. My X has now software version 2017.40.1 e29b97f. The mirror works again and the drainage is down to about 2km per day but now the automatic close of the doors and lock doesn't work anymore when I walk away...
I didn't had the chance to run the xmas show since the SC visit.

Vawlkus | 26. Oktober 2017

Can confirm that v40 clears the software issue preventing the mirrors moving. Mine both work, and I’ve tested the Xmas show, and the mirrors worked after that as well.
This is without a trip to a service center, just OTA software updates.