'Cigarette lighter' Power Connector?

'Cigarette lighter' Power Connector?

My low tire pressure indicator came on yesterday on the way to work. When I stopped for coffee, I plugged my little air compressor into my cigarette lighter and pumped it back up to proper pressure. I was on my way before my Cuban Roast got cold.
Will I be able to do this in my 3? What about jump my ICE friends when *THEIR* battery dies?

PaceyWhitter | 09. September 2017

The "cigarette lighter" is now called a 12 volt power outlet. It is listed under convenience.

There is access to the 12 volt battery for the model S, but, at least after the refresh, it was hard to get too. There has to be a wat to get to the 12 volt battery on the 3 but I don't know how difficult it will be.

DTsea | 09. September 2017

The Model S 12V battery doesnt crank enough amps to jump an ICE car.

jordanrichard | 09. September 2017

Do not try and jump start an ICE car. I am sure the Model 3 will be set up like the MS and MX. There is a 12v battery that runs the computers and the battery pack drums the AC motors. Computers clearly don't need to have anywhere near the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) that an ICE engine needs.

If anyone asks you to jump them, just simply say that your car is nothing more than a big battery and if you hooked it up to their car, it would blow it up...... :-)

gar1116 | 09. September 2017


deemo | 10. September 2017

You can run an accessory such as a compressor with no issue. If they need a jump, just tell them - my battery is 350v, yours is 12v, what do you think would happen if we tried to jump start your car with my battery.