Tesla insurance denied

Tesla insurance denied

I am looking for insurance on my Model X. I am surprised that major insurance companies I called so far do not even want to quote. They say they won't provide insurance to any Tesla car.

I am based out of TX. So far called Farmers, Progressive, Esurance-All state, Liberty Mutual.

Geico provided quote of $580/month.

Has anyone faced same problem? What should be average insurance on Model X?

SamO | 24. September 2017


How many DUI/reckless driving/tickets do you have? Or are you a 17 y/o new driver?

tommyalexandersb | 24. September 2017

I switched from Geico to Profressive when I got my X because they gave me a way lower quote. Im young, but have a pretty good driving record. Probably something on your record.

jlxjl | 24. September 2017

I’ve been with Wawanesa for 20 yrs. My wife’s MX is $604/yr. Surprisingly, my Prius is $602/yr.

rxlawdude | 24. September 2017

TEA Score: higher than the number of traffic violation points of the OP.

lilbean | 24. September 2017


bhoskins | 24. September 2017

State Farm $125/month

carlk | 24. September 2017

~$100 per month for both my S and X with CSAA in the Bay Area. Just how bad your driving record has been?

Model - X | 24. September 2017

Try Nationwide, but you need to call the 800 number and ask them to talk to underwriting. If you call an agent they will say no and just make sure to tell them it's under $100K

elvnga | 24. September 2017

The first quotes I got were ridiculous. The guy answering the phone at the agency I have used for over 20 years put it in as performance model S because that is all he could find at came back with 4x what I was eventually quoted by the actual agent. I am paying a little less than I was on a 5 year old VW convertible.

The point is, Teslas seem to confuse a lot of insurance agencies. Maybe they do not have enough data at some of the companies. Make sure they are using the correct model.

Errol_martinez | 24. September 2017

Try aaa insurance $100 a month

Vawlkus | 25. September 2017

I actually had a broker for my car insurance before I got my X. When I told them ahead of delivery, they said the only insurance they could find would be 3 - 4K per year. That tripped me out, so I shopped around myself. Funny story: I contacted the company my broker had had me with for the past few years (Aviva), and the quoted me a little over 1K per year (CDN$). My broker had said Aviva wasn’t insuring X’s, yet it seems they were.

Moral of the story: always shop around, and always question what someone else tells you.

steven | 26. September 2017

Full coverage for me, and 250/500 deductible. I'm at $69 per month for my P90D.

wjbriggsii | 26. September 2017

I am acquiring a Model X on Saturday. I called my insurance broker and told her to provide coverage for the car with my insurer, The Hartford. I was told today that The Hartford no longer provides insurance for Tesla autos. My broker argued with the agent from The Hartford that not only had I been with The Hartford for 16 years, but that it currently insurers my Model S, along with several other vehicles and my house. And, my broker pointed out that I was claim free for the entire period I have been with The Hartford. The Hartford would not budge. It refuses to provide me with coverage for the Model X. I have learned that The Hartford is heavily invested in the oil and gas industry. I wonder if it is trying to protect its investment or simply being short sighted since every major auto manufacture has plans to go EV. In any event, I am searching for a Top Rated Insurer in California. Can anyone help?

afroumis | 27. September 2017

I've had luck with 21st Century here in CA. They have insured my three cars with full coverage for about $200 a month. I plan on adding my model three with them unless they give me a rediculous quote. If you need a referral from me to get a discount, please let me know.

psusi | 28. September 2017

I live in Florida but have been getting car insurance from Safeco of Illinois for years. 100/300, 50k pip iirc. I think they have been charging me about $1050 a year for my Prius and $1450 for the X.

mrpablogomez | 28. September 2017

Any recommendations for TX? Adding $100/moth to my normal bill. Gonna look like $186/month for proposed x.

psusi | 29. September 2017

I wonder if it makes a difference which X. I got the 75 D. Maybe if you got the 100 the insurance goes up? Probably.

Flymom | 29. September 2017

My Fl. insurance is $176 a month with State Farm, multi policy discount, long term customer, no traffic tickets for 10 years. Agent tells me all rates are high in Fl. due to no fault insurance and so many false claims.

peter | 29. September 2017

My 2017 MX is about $100 more a month than my 2015 MS was. I am with Pemco.

lilbean | 29. September 2017

OP is MIA. Surprise. Surprise. The usual end of quarter shenanigans.

Kutu | 30. September 2017

I got my insurance in Florida from AAA. It is about $750 per year for my X 90D.

tommy_trang | 02. Oktober 2017

@m.ranolia, @mrpablogomez
I'm in TX and had my MX for almost 2 months. My auto insurance through Costco/Ameriprise is $595 for 6 months. Full coverage with $100k/$300k/$100k, $250 deductible, and new car replacement/gap coverage. My Lexus came in at $515 for 6 months so not a drastic increase for the MX.

evlnte | 11. Oktober 2017

Shop around. Multiproduct discounts help. Skip the agent and go direct if the agent has chip their shoulders. Avoid agents with biases and agendas. Good credit rating is key to best rate. I’ve had Model S and X insured by The Hartford for 3 yrs now thru an agent. Had no problem getting quotes from 3 carriers.

lilbean | 11. Oktober 2017

Ignore this thread. It's complete BS from a troll.