Powerwall 2 App for PC/Mac please..

Powerwall 2 App for PC/Mac please..

We have a Powerwall 2 and an 8.5kw solar system and use the mobile app on and Andriod phone, whilst we think the app is great we think that it would be good to also make the "stats" available on the PC platform as well. It would be great to have a complete history (in detail instead of simple bar graphs etc.) of how it's going as the whole idea of this is to encourage others to get and use the system.. We also believe that th system has added about $20k to the value of our house but we'll never be able to present detailed info to any prospective buyer.

You could add this feature to our "my account feature" as an option when you sign in, and allow printing or downloading the info in a common format like Excel etc.Can you help? If so when would it be available?

Just an idea that I think would also be a good seling point as well. What do others think?

Cheers from David, Adelaide, South Australia

sashton | 13. Oktober 2017

If Tesla doesn't come up with a PC product that fits your needs there are many alternatives.
You could run the Android app under an emulator like .Of course this will not address your history requirement.
If you fancy a DIY approach HarryE has posted a script which will collect data from the Gateway and could potentially store as much CSV history as you could eat.
I did a combination of both and rolled my own using a Windows script ( as *nix commands tie my fingers in knots) and a freely available RR database and graphing tool. From this I produce pretty web gauges using Jscript and Steelseries - example uris elsewhere in this forum

steve | 21. November 2017

I agree David, just installed a Powerwall a couple of days ago and was surprised that the only access was through the mobile app. A more complete information capture would be great for the data nerds amongst us that don't have the required scripting skills that sashton mentioned, or the time to learn them.
I am on a small rural property west of the Blue Mountains in NSW with 15kw system so I hope to be self reliant despite retaining my grid connection.

rtc | 22. November 2017

Have had PW2 for 6 weeks and happy with it but...
* Monthly usage display shows198 kWh from PW2 but 164 in. How could that be?
* Graph for daily energy usage shows that when solar reaches about half of max the home usage drops to zero. Could this mean CT clamps incorrectly installed?
* Where to download installation manual or circuit diagram?

nickandfayk | 08. Dezember 2017

We have had our PW2 up and running since mid Novenber with 5.5 kw of panels.Going to expand to.8.0 kw for better winter performance.We have been self reliant since installation even with pool and house water pumps.I also agree with David as the extra info would be great.

moschin.c | 14. Januar 2018

Hi, Could you tell me how I can see Tesla PW2 performance on macbook please? I cannot find any Tesla app on app store...

kpeterha | 16. Januar 2018

We had Solar installed in 2016 but had to wait for the Powerwall to become available. It was finally installed two weeks ago. My father is a retired Aerospace engineer who really likes to print out our solar generation and usage reports every day. This was fine when we used the Sunpower data site. Now, with the Powerwall App, he can not get his daily print outs. Isn't their a URL address on my home network that can give me this information?

admin | 11. Februar 2018

Hi sashton, can you tell me where on the forum to find the other URLs you mention? It seems to me that this is the only section of the forum or am I missing something?

tomhollander | 03. März 2018

Search for "Powerwall Companion" in the Windows 10 store.