When did the tow package become standard?

When did the tow package become standard?

Hello all. I'm a brand new model X 75D owner and I love it very much but I have a concern. I noticed on the design page that the tow package is standard. Does anyone know when that went into effect? I ask because I bought mine through the configurator on the site on September 2nd and took delivery on September 26th, but mine didn't come with it. Should I have gotten it?

Tropopause | 16. Oktober 2017

I noticed it was standard around mid-September. Not sure when the change actually occurred.

lilbean | 16. Oktober 2017

Did you want it, order it or expect it? Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about something you didn't get when you didn't think you would get it.

jaytabanh | 16. Oktober 2017

Don't know the exact date of when tow hitch became standard - but when I ordered my car in late August (it was standard). When I took Delivery on 9/1/2017 (there was an inventory model that just came off the line with the exact config that I wanted) - tow hitch was not on or in the car (to bean's point - this was something that I would have ordered if it was not standard - and I looked for it during the delivery) . A Tesla manager noted this down - and I received it in my scheduled SC visit. Robwariii - I think you should have qualified for the standard tow hitch based on my experience.

Robwariii | 16. Oktober 2017

Thats what i was thinking and it is something that i wanted. I was just in awe of the car and having too much fun with it to think about the towing and when i remembered it, i couldnt find it in the car. I have contacted the sales rep but im waiting to hear back.

lhanspal | 16. Oktober 2017

I think the towing package became a standard a bit earlier... i think it was July or so, not as late as September.

But here is the key input - it is a detachable hitch. Look for a black bag in your frunk... and if you go through the manual - it will give you guidance on how to install it.

For all you know - u may already have it - but just not realized it... :-)

Robwariii | 16. Oktober 2017

I checked and no black bag. i even looked in the area where the hitch is supposed to connect, and there is nothing there for it to connect to

joemar10 | 16. Oktober 2017

I was under impression that the towing capability was standard, but you had to buy the actual physical hitch to enable it.

chuckgrim | 16. Oktober 2017

You only have to buy your draw bar that the ball mounts on. The draw bar slides into the 2 inch square tube that is part of the hitch part that comes in the black nylon case. The part in the case fits into the large piece that is behind the bumper cover.

lhanspal | 17. Oktober 2017

The hitch receiver is an L shaped unit - with a vertical mount going into the car's frame. Because of the design of this hitch, it is concealed by a small plastic plate below the rear bumper. There are 4 push pin type plastic fastners that hold this plastic plate in place. I use my hitch for a bike rack - and it's only installed for the weekends...

It's difficult to explain - so best to watch a quick video on youtube - just search for 'tesla towing hitch install' ... i am sure you will be able to find it...

Now - more than likely, they haven't given you the black bag (it's about 8x8 in and about 6 in high)... so best to get with your delivery specialist/service center - they should be able to rectify this for you...

nikhil.rajwade | 22. Oktober 2017

I have had the same issue. My car is less than 3 weeks old and I was told that the tow package is standard. I was too giddy to check for it during delivery.

Checking this morning to mount my bike rack there is no tow package. Nothing under the panel and no black bag with accessories. Almost like the car didnt come with tow capability. Have contacted support.

2nd disappointment in what has been a very enjoyable experience. 1st being, my first OTA update seems to have broken my internet connectivity on the car.

nutner | 22. Oktober 2017

Custom orders with premium package should have had the tow package included. The new inventory cars did not all have the tow package included however. The cover plate is very well concealed in the rear lower aero I will say, but if you get down low enough you can see the fasteners.

nikhil.rajwade | 22. Oktober 2017

I found the panel and opened it. There is nothing inside. I distinctly remember having the conversation with the sales guy at Heathrow who told me all cars since July have tow package included.

Called support who said tow was not installed on the car but they will look into it. I don’t know what will happen next. But I suppose I can guess...

BlackXman | 29. Oktober 2017

Had concerns about receiving my X without the tow package so spoke with DS and SC rep yesterday. Rep says all the Xs they’ve delivererd in the last few months till yesterday have had the tow package.

Personally went to fit a cubby drawer I purchased and saw a black 75D ready for delivery, with tow package.

Another rep mentioned there was an order glitch where some orderes had the tow hitch deleted, but he said they have since rectified the issue.

San Antonio showroom.

BlackXman | 29. Oktober 2017

Sorry, Friday not yesterday.. been a rough weekend!

markcohen | 30. Oktober 2017

I took delivery on an inventory car just under a week ago. I was told when I bought it that it would have the tow package as it was manufactured recently but when it arrived it did not. The delivery specialist was helpful and didn't give me a hard time at all. He said that they would install one at no charge... Appt is Wed to have it done.... along with the other minor alignment and adjustments that it needs.

Robwariii | 02. November 2017

I talked to my sales person and they told me they are looking into it so ill update with results.

jmoskwa6 | 04. November 2017

I believe it was just after I ordered my MX100D, which was 7/20. I revisited the custom build site and there were a few options that were no longer there & the tow package was part of the normal package - no longer a separate option.

Robwariii | 08. November 2017

I just got an email back saying they are going to install one. They just have to order the parts. So everything worked out.

crspence57 | 08. November 2017

We designed one but they found an inventory model that supposedly had all that and more. Turns out it was all but the trailer hitch. They told me that they will install it for the original price but that they don't have the parts yet. The car was built in July 2017

Coldfire73 | 13. November 2017

I ordered my MX at the start of Sept, which has the tow package as standard. But I was contacted by my DS last week who told me that mine had been built without tow package. They didn’t seem to know the reason, but basically offered a discount. That’s fine, I don’t need the tow package, so money off is fine with me :). Especially as it was already on the boat to Tilburg by that time! the only other options were basically to cancel the order or to rebuild it, so I’m definitely not waiting that long!

The DS mentioned that they can retrofit the package for the same amount at a later date. But they won’t get parts “for several months”. So I’m guessing that they basically ran out of the parts needed when they made it a standard option.

Like I said, I don’t need it, so no problem here,

Perdoch | 10. Dezember 2017

Minr was delivered December 8 without the hitch. As others noted I forgot to check for it ( not in the very helpful checklist some folks posted). Thought about it the next day, called tesla, they said they would order and install for me. Will let you know when I get it

Abrigo | 12. Dezember 2017

Just noticed I didn't get a hitch either and it seems like part is back ordered. Hoping I can get one since it appears that it should of been standard when I took delivery.

Coldfire73 | 12. Dezember 2017

Interestingly when I picked up my car from the SC here in the UK, they said that the tow package could not be retrofitted to the car after it has been built. So would be interested if you can get it added.

markcohen | 12. Dezember 2017

I can tell you for a fact that it can be added after the fact. I posted above that my car was promised to me as having the hitch but came without it. The SC was great about dealing with this. They had to order a part that they needed to install permanently behind the rear bumper AND then they gave me the receiver hitch that plugs into it.

Coldfire73 | 14. Dezember 2017

Nice.. I'm not desperate to have a hitch, it was more of a "nice to have" given that it was standard. But it's good to know that I can add it if I do need it in future :) Thanks!

hgpayne | 17. Dezember 2017

After reading some of the above, I wrote my DS to confirm I was getting the tow package. He responded that I was. Later my spec sheet showed the tow package. Whew. Now, less than a week before delivery I look at my online spec sheet and it says no tow package. I've emailed both the DS and the OA. I'm still waiting for their response. One of the main reasons for getting the X over the S it 3 was because it could tow.

mmalia1 | 17. Dezember 2017

Hgpayne same thing happened to me. Don’t know why yet. I assume they have none.

hgpayne | 17. Dezember 2017

My DS responded with the following to my query about the tow hitch:

I am out of the office today and do not have access to our systems. However, I can confirm your Model X will come with a tow hitch. If for any reason it does not come from the factory with one, we will due bill it and order one through service for you.

oldxcskiguy | 18. Dezember 2017

Our model X was delivered yesterday, and the tow hitch receiver was included. The monroney sticker lists the tow package.

hgpayne | 18. Dezember 2017

@oldxcskiguy our online spec sheet does not show it anymore. At one time it did, then it changed. My pick up is supposedly this Wednesday AM, but latest status check still shows it in production, and without the tow hitch. I guess we'll find out on Wednesday.

hgpayne | 18. Dezember 2017

Status update: Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the factory.

Spec sheet still shows: No Tow Package

BlackXman | 19. Dezember 2017

I made a point of telling my DS I needed it during production. I took delivery Wednesday and it had the tow package installed as requested.