New Black Signature Wall Charger - Referral Award

New Black Signature Wall Charger - Referral Award

Has anyone received the Black Wall Charger from the referral program yet? Originally they were to ship in January now the program says February. I was just wondering if any have gone out at all? I did receive confirmation of the award about two weeks ago but nothing else’s.

Can’t wait to receive and get it installed.

CEYA GAS | 20. Januar 2018

If the page says they will start shipping in February, I would presume no one has theirs yet. I have been patiently waiting three months, and there must be a lot of people in the same boat...

Kesla_S | 20. Januar 2018

Well originally it was Jan so I thought maybe some had shipped. Hence the post. I figure there are a lot of us waiting, also thought this could be a place once we start receiving them.

BigBrother | 20. Januar 2018

I got an e-mail from Tesla referral program yesterday and it said they won’t start shipping until March...

Ohmster | 20. Januar 2018

^Yup. I got the same.

S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 17.50.3. Grin on!

Kesla_S | 21. Januar 2018

Well if that is the case that sucks! Interesting that the referral page still says February. Do either of you remember when your referral person received delivery?

Boonedocks | 21. Januar 2018

My referral to myself for our new X says delivered 10-26-17. Originally it said January but now says February for my BS wall charger

Ohmster | 21. Januar 2018

I asked if they could give me credit for the purchase of a standard WC. We have two of their vehicles in the garage and 1 WC. Need second one now.

S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 17.50.3. Grin on!

Kesla_S | 21. Januar 2018

Same with me @Bonedocks. @Omster what did they say about the credit?

KP in NPT | 21. Januar 2018

For those of you getting the wall charger, did you receive an email from the referral department offering it as a choice? We have 1 referral and have only received emails from Radio Flyer about configuring our kiddie car, which we don't want. Our referral was delivered on 9/30.

Several emails to Tesla referral Dept have basically pushed off an answer - both emails in November and January had this copy/paste: "We are currently transitioning our Referral Reward emails to a new system to support the recent update to our reward offerings. We expect this to be completed over the next few weeks, and will then begin providing information about the rewards you have recently qualified for."

So just curious how you guys were notified about the HPWC choice.

Kesla_S | 21. Januar 2018

@KPinNRT, it looks like your referral was for the previous program that ended on 9\27. I think the go by the date they put down the down payment for which program you fall under. If you go look at the last program one referral is only the Radio Flyer car. The current program end on 1/31 but they have until end of March to take delivery. Hope that help or explains why you are only offered the kid car. I did get the choice between the two.

Boonedocks | 21. Januar 2018

Yes. We DID receive an email asking which one we wanted. Wish we could post pictures but here are s the meat of the email

“Your first referral has taken delivery and we’d like to send you a Founders Series Model S for Kids or a Signature Black Tesla Wall Connector. Select your preferred award below to receive redemption instructions.”

Ohmster | 21. Januar 2018

@Kesla-S. No response yet on the credit inquiry. But I only recently asked so I hope to hear by end of week.

S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 17.50.3. Grin on!

KP in NPT | 21. Januar 2018

@Kesla_S - Yah, I've heard different things. it seems some people are being told it goes by the date the deposit was received, in which case my referral placed the deposit on 9/3. Delivery was 9/30. Essentially they announced the HPWC option while my referral was awaiting their delivery.

All this would be cleared up if Tesla would simply tell me I am not eligible for the HPWC.

Kesla_S | 21. Januar 2018

True, well hopefully you can get in on this round and get the HPWC. Keep us updated.

dukeybootie | 21. Januar 2018

I got the email, selected the HPWC, put in my address, and a couple days later got another email congratulating me for selecting the Model S for Kids complete with a redemption code that didn't work (since it was my second referral and the code didn't change at all). Now waiting to hear back from Tesla -- still no reply to my email after 5 days.

tom168 | 22. Januar 2018

I am using the mobile charger cable plug in NEMA 14-50. So, it seemed that I need to have the HPWC installed? Or I can use the NEMA 14-50 with the HPWC!!

mscott | 22. Januar 2018

My one referral delivered a week or two before they added the HPWC to the program. I recently replied to the email Tesla sent for the Radio Flyer redemption and requested the HPWC instead. It took them 10 days to respond, but they switched me to the HPWC. The email also said "We hope it will ship in February or soon after."

Kesla_S | 22. Januar 2018

So based on mascot it sounds like they will lol still switch you guys. Good Luck. @tom168 you don’t really need one if you already have a 14-50 plug. It just the cnvenience of having no the charger right there and leaving our mobile cable in the car for road trips etc.

Rocky_H | 29. Januar 2018

@mscott, What?!! I was in that same situation, and when I emailed to ask about that, they told me, no they would not change it.

Run4Waffles | 29. Januar 2018

@Rocky_H - he sent them bagels and lox. Without capers of course.

Haggy | 29. Januar 2018

I wish I had known that they would switch. I ended up selling the Radio Flyer. For my second referral, I got an email saying that I'd get an early access token for a solar roof, but the delivery didn't actually take place until last November. I emailed them and asked if I could get the wall connector since the way I read the rules, that's what I should be eligible for. If I had known that they allowed switching, that would have made life easier now that I have two Teslas.

Kesla_S | 29. Januar 2018

So I know I started this thread for the Wall Charger. But what about the other awards, how long do they take to get. (Once delivered)

1. Radio Flyer
2. 21” Wheels
3. Powerwall

Also can the wheel come in grey. Doesn’t really say in the program


steven | 29. Januar 2018

@Kesla_S: wheels are only in silver. But you can have the powder coated.
Last I heard about the Powerwalls is that they would become available in March. That is for the US probably, as we in Europe are going to have to wait for certification and shipping delays. (still waiting on the Powerwall from January last year)
As for the mini Tesla, that depends. Had one that took forever to get and another one within a month. And that includes shipping from US to Belgium.

Kesla_S | 30. Januar 2018

Thanks Steven

chris | 30. Januar 2018

Don't hold your breath, I was told January for the black wall connector, chasing it up and got this reply


Thank you for reaching back out. Delivery for the Black Wall Connectors has been delayed till April. We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused.

Doesn't exactly instil confidence, wouldn't be surprised to see it pushed back again and again, very annoying as I have an X and an S and only one charger, so now with this last pushback have just decided to buy a 2nd one rather than wait forever for the referral award. Its cold in the UK and I find it limiting only having one charger so needs must!

KP in NPT | 30. Januar 2018

Well I guess I don’t have to worry about it since I got a second referral - thank you to Corey and to Bighorn for giving him my code.

I guess I’ll wait until April. Or whenever it comes. First world problems.

Boonedocks | 30. Januar 2018

At this point I'll be happy with an off the shelf shiny metal one instead of the black one for my referral. Having timed charging pricing between 11:00pm and 7:00am has me swapping our one HPWC plug up at some pretty odd hours. LOL LOL

Haggy | 30. Januar 2018

The "Radio Flyer" came right away, although it was a code, not a product. At the time, the website said when the product could be shipped. As of now, three of the colors were available for shipment within 10 business days, and one ships in April. The actual product went out within days of ordering it and arrived very quickly.

Kesla_S | 30. Januar 2018

Thanks Haggy, I still have to wait on three of my referrals to deliver first. Only the first one has. I have to wait for the Wall Charger so I can get it installed. Right now I’m using 110 at home, I have no other outlets. But I have a SC about 10miles away so go there once a week when it isn’t busy.

The 2nd referral I am going to give my nephew the Radio Flyer

Tropopause | 30. Januar 2018

Looking forward to the Sig Black Wall Connector. Thanks, Tesla!

Haggy | 01. Februar 2018

My third referral went in yesterday instead of today, so no wall charger.

reed_lewis | 01. Februar 2018

The program does not start over. It is the same five levels. If you are at #3 before, you are still at #3.

Read here:

Related vehicle order must be placed between May 19, 2017 and April 30, 2018. Owners who reach each level of referral orders after September 28, 2017 will be eligible for updated vehicle awards above

EsqLady | 11. Februar 2018

Curious...I got my first referral (though I am still waiting on delivery of my MS 75D). Must the referral car be DELIVERED to the purchaser before I get the award? I would love to install that sig black wall connector in my garage before my car is delivered. :-)

JaMo_75D | 11. Februar 2018

Yes it needs to be delivered first is my understand. Otherwise people would just put in referrals and cancel orders before its finalized to collect free stuff.

Kesla_S | 11. Februar 2018

That is correct the referrals must be delivered. Once delivered they will email to what you want mini car or black wall charger. The black wall chargers have pushed delivery date to March (was Jan). So I’m still waiting.

Kesla_S | 14. März 2018

Okay today is 3/14 wonder if anyone has received their referral yet? Or any word from Tesla on delivery date?

blacktape242 | 14. März 2018

I just selected that as mine, no word where it is or when i'll get it. I hope soon.

Boonedocks | 14. März 2018

Selected mine 1-8-18. Don't know how far down the line I am in the referral program though

Haggy | 14. März 2018

I was told that they will ship starting in April.

rvnotone | 22. März 2018

Does anyone know the length of the tesla wall charger as part of the referral program?

Kesla_S | 22. März 2018

I think 20ft

reed_lewis | 22. März 2018

It is the same connector that is being sold:

So it is 24 feet.

brianp6621 | 22. März 2018

Reed_lewis, they sell 2 different lengths. 8.5 and 24ft.

Ohmster | 22. März 2018

It’s the longer one that comes with the Signature Black. I had that confirmed by Tesla.

Ohmster | 22. März 2018

And yes, waiting for mine too. :(

Boonedocks | 22. März 2018

According to “my awards” it is supposed to be shipped in March 2018. 9 days left the keep from breaking another promi.....deadlin....commitm...oh geeze SOON I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kesla_S | 22. März 2018

Hopefully we will start seeing them in the next week or so. I thought I was told 20ft different then both. Sounds like no one has received theirs yet.

rvnotone | 23. März 2018

So has anyone even gotten any sort of email after they had redeemed their award? I believe the redemption site just asks as to where it's being used (with an address) correct? So if I have a friend in CALI who is redeeming his award for me that should work correct as long as he puts my home address?

Kesla_S | 23. März 2018