Tesla is opening ~1 Supercharger Station per day WTF have you done lately?

Tesla is opening ~1 Supercharger Station per day WTF have you done lately?

The only other high-speed network, named as 'IONITY', the joint venture from VW, Ford (and others) aims to install 400 high-power charging stations by the end of 2020. So that's about 1 every three days.

Good luck with that.

May 27, 2015, is when Tesla opened their 400th Supercharging Station. Only 5 years behind.

murphyS90D | 10. Februar 2018

It's tough to do a lot of installs when it takes 9 months to get a permit approved. The first Allentown, PA location never was approved.

jordanrichard | 10. Februar 2018

And that joint venture is not in the U.S, but in Europe. | 10. Februar 2018

IONITY has said these are 350 kW locations with 6 stalls. It is unlikely they can provide 350 kW to 6 cars at the same time, and more likely it is 350 kW split among 6 stalls. So while the single car charging capability could be greater in an empty location, it could have less capability that Superchargers when half full. A single car that takes 350 kW would lock out all other stalls from use. It will be interesting to see how this system works.

The Supercharger capacity today is 135 kW per 2 stalls, or 405 kW over 6 stalls.

SamO | 10. Februar 2018

when will we see the first MegaCharger? Fremont/Gigafactory 1MW . . . making Ionity look like "children's toys."

tes-s | 10. Februar 2018

"It's tough to do a lot of installs when it takes 9 months to get a permit approved."

No it's not. If you submit a permit a day, you will pretty much get an approval a day. Very few permits have been denied.

Anthony J. Parisio | 11. Februar 2018

Are you serious?! How do you know this?

kerryglittle | 11. Februar 2018

I had French toast this morning. The rest of the day is wide open. :-/

Anthony J. Parisio | 11. Februar 2018

I washed my hair. Does that count? ;-)

PhillyGal | 11. Februar 2018

@SamO - Hilarious topic!

@murphy (and Anthony) - That permit isn't outstanding it was never approved due to one of the stores at the mall (JCP if i'm remembering correctly) denying needed right of way for under pavement installation or some such. So they moved it closer to the highway near the Red Robin, which is more convenient anyway for those on 476.

PhillyGal | 11. Februar 2018

@murphy - but you're essentially correct. I never did get built. Something did eventually take its place though.

As for King of Prussia, 66 days in permit status and counting per

Mathew98 | 11. Februar 2018

I've been mastering the force of the dark side.

The name is Vader, Master Vader.

SamO | 11. Februar 2018

So many more good Superchargers in Southern California . . . and there are crowds at even the largest Superchargers, like Burbank with 20 stalls.

Only Kettleman City remain uncrowded.

Where's my drive-in supercharger off the 405? Methinks Hawthorne? Lots of SpaceX and Tesla Design Studio employees with Model S/X and now 3.

It could go in the parking lot of the Tesla Delivery Center in Marina del Rey, right off the 90 Freeway.

TaoJones | 11. Februar 2018

And they're still behind their own forecasts and still haven't completed a seamless transcontinental route that can be used year round without snow tires or chains. Yep - that would be I-10, and the remaining link in that very late chain (3 years late and counting) is Fort Stockton, Texas.

I tend to charge at SpaceX when I'm in town - it's the least crowded of the 405 corridor superchargers. They need to expand Redondo except they can't now with all 3 hotels built (parking limitations), so that means getting creative nearby - it's a great location (adjacent the 405 and the Green Line terminus). They could add 20 chargers as Redondo II and it would not be a mistake nor too soon.

MdR off the 90 is a pita insofar as traffic goes, as is the entire west side these days - but really, another SC *anywhere*, there included, will be well-received along the 405.

Nice to see they're finally building out some of the 101 in the valley.

Sometimes, it's helpful to take a step back and realize that most of the populace still doesn't know an EV from a turnip, let alone an EV charger or the difference tweenst the lot of them. Had a conversation last night in Hermosa Beach with a fellow who was convinced that AP was going to kill him and that EVs were silly because they couldn't go anywhere. We had this conversation adjacent 2 parked Teslas and within sight of a small cluster of residential chargers.

Anyhoo, I don't know who's going to achieve 2nd place in the EV charging game, but they're late already. For that reason alone, I view most Leaf/Dolt/i3 and other nascent EV owners as future Tesla owners.

tes-s | 11. Februar 2018

They planned to double the number of supercharger locations in North America in 2017. I think they delayed that to the end of 2018 based on the delay in the M3.

In over 13 months they are less than half way to doubling - but there is a lot of activity so I think in the next 11 months they will do it.

NKYTA | 11. Februar 2018

@Tao, Van Horn to Ozona is 228, probably with the westerly wind.

Quick yer bitchin’. ;-) ;-)

1BadNerd | 12. Februar 2018

SamO, I’ll get right on soon as I’m done clearing a path out of the garage with the snow blower.

Madatgascar | 12. Februar 2018

Hey SamO, I spent a couple of hours yesterday selling Model 3 at the Burbank Supercharger.

Where were you? :)

Madatgascar | 12. Februar 2018

BTW, yes, the Burbank SC was at or near full the whole time we were there.

Tropopause | 12. Februar 2018

Superchargers stations in China (248) are quickly catching up to those in Europe (379) despite a later start. Additionally there are three stations in China with 50 Supercharger stalls. Go Tesla!

bill | 12. Februar 2018

@SamO "So many more good Superchargers in Southern California . . . and there are crowds at even the largest Superchargers, like Burbank with 20 stalls."

Moral of that story is do not buy a Tesla if you live in or travel to California. :)

Madatgascar | 18. Februar 2018

I kind of like seeing all the traffic at CA superchargers. I figure most of the cars at the big urban chargers are locals, so if the wait times become too inconvenient, they will just find other times or ways to charge. The supply and demand will eventually equilibrate.

The big SCs are great photo ops; when they fill up you can really start to appreciate the sea change that is underway. Hope the other big manufacturers are taking notes.

Stiction | 22. Februar 2018

I too have mixed feelings about crowding at SCs. So awesome even when it's a PITA.

Mad at Gas Car:
Love your handle 8).
(I've been to Madagascar 8)

Madatgascar | 22. Februar 2018

@Stiction - thanks! It’s on my bucket list!

vpoz | 23. Februar 2018

@TaoJones interestingly in smaller countries with generally less distance to drive the Leaf/i3 crowd that I know are happily onto their 2nd higher range Leaf/i3, many just occasionally needing charging at home, with some Tesla owners eyeing the upcoming Electric Jag with interest, especially in the absence of any locally available model 3.

SamO | 23. Februar 2018

Friends don't let friends buy Jaguar. Especially anything to do with electricity.

Bighorn | 23. Februar 2018

The Jag does excel at depreciation.

sklancha | 23. Februar 2018

Nothing cooler than seeing 8 different electric cars at an 8 stall public charger. There is no shortage of Tesla-haters and/or [name a brand] loyalists.

AIA304 | 26. Februar 2018

Looks like Tesla is/ has signed some agreement with Target stores. I see 8 Tesla supercharging stations at the Sunnyvale Target location ..... no power output yet, but completely installed “waiting”......
Looks like other Target stores are doing same ?

SamO | 26. Februar 2018

18 Superchargers so far this February 2018 . . .

jordanrichard | 26. Februar 2018

AIA304, are you sure it was an agreement with Target and not the property owners? I know that Tesla had struck up an agreement with Ruby Tuesday’s to place superchargers at I believe 90 of thier restaurant locations.

Rocky_H | 26. Februar 2018

@bill, Quote: "Moral of that story is do not buy a Tesla if you live in or travel to California. :)"

Yes, I feel very good to not travel toward there. I just did a really big road trip back and forth in the middle of the country--over 5,000 miles and 38 Superchargers. The vast majority were empty. A few times I saw one other car. About twice I saw two other cars, and then one occurrence that was pretty full (Silverthorne, CO) with about 6 others. | 26. Februar 2018

Been traveling California for 5 years now in my Tesla. Very rare to have to wait for a stall and then maybe 10 minutes. The longest I had to wait was a hour, at Harris Range - 5 years ago when they had only one stall, and someone pulled in 30 seconds ahead of me. I should have driven faster :)

(Harris Ranch now has 18 stalls or so, and new locations nearby like the 40 stall Kettleman City that can be used as an alternative depending on your SOC).

avesraggiana | 27. Februar 2018

Then everyone from out of town, to keep your streak of good luck going, PLEASE stay away, well away, from the sole supercharger station in San Diego.

That QUALCOMM Offices location is plagued by chronic overcrowding, stall hogging, and if one of our service centre employees is to be believed, vandalism.

AIA304 | 27. Februar 2018

No I don’t know if it’s agreement with Target or prop owners. But some new supercharger locations are in proximity with a Target stores. ie Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.....

Rocky_H | 27. Februar 2018

Tesla seems to have a few different business partnerships for Superchargers in different regions of the country. In the Indiana, Ohio, Michigan area the Meijers grocery store chain has most of the Superchargers. In the southwest across Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico on I-40, they were almost all at Holiday Inn Express. In the northwest, many of them are at Fred Meyer grocery stores.

Bighorn | 27. Februar 2018

Hy Vee, Sheetz, Carl’s Jr., Dicks Sporting and one of the outdoor chains as well.

NKYTA | 27. Februar 2018

Bass Pro Shops

Bighorn | 27. Februar 2018

Yeah that one!

PBEndo | 27. Februar 2018

There are 2 new ones in Florida.

PBEndo | 27. Februar 2018

Well one is still under construction, the other just opened.

Bighorn | 27. Februar 2018

I did at least one WaWa in December.

Bighorn | 27. Februar 2018

Pinellas Park is a WaWa, next to a Bentley/McLaren dealer.

jordanrichard | 28. Februar 2018

AIA304, I know what you mean. When we travel from CT to NC, seemingly just about every supercharger stop we made, was in a plaza with a Panera Bread with in sight.

garyjtate | 01. März 2018

When does Cave-in-Rock get a charger?

SamO | 04. Dezember 2019

Electrocute America isn't offering much.

SamO | 04. Dezember 2019

22 Superchargers opened in the US in the Month of November.

SamO | 04. Dezember 2019

8 in California

jordanrichard | 04. Dezember 2019

We have 5 locations currently under construction here in CT. 4 of these locations are at rest ares on RT 95. I am counting Northbound and Southbound as two locations.

Tropopause | 04. Dezember 2019

How many has EA opened since this OP?

SamO | 04. Dezember 2019


I can’t tell since EA doesn’t break out 50kW from actual fast chargers. Also, no way to check stall count.