Where's the Tesla Range Calculator?

Where's the Tesla Range Calculator?

Seems like the Tesla Range Calculator has disappeared from the site last Thursday or so (last time I saw it).
Anyone have a link?

Silver2K | 15. Februar 2018

gone for now

jordanrichard | 15. Februar 2018

What range would you like to know?

michael_d_mays | 16. Februar 2018

I was just starting to play with the calculator in order to have a feel of the effect on the range for the various parameters.
Any idea why it was pulled?
Ranges not proving to be realistic is my dark thought.

jordanrichard | 16. Februar 2018

Ohhhh, you are talking about the page where you can enter various speeds and temps?

I didn't realize it was gone, but then again I have had my car for 4 years, so I already know what my car's range is for various conditions.

As for them pulling it for nefarious reasons, I don't think so. What is actually unrealistic is for them to have had there in the first place. There is no way for them to factor is terrain changes, headwinds, driving through slush/snow, all of which affects range. Now this is pure speculation on my part, but perhaps a bunch of people started complaining that their cars are not getting what calculator said it would.

Should_I | 16. Februar 2018

The calculator is fun but a LOT can go into throwing it's results out the window.

For instance I have a short commute in a cold climate, worst case scenario, car can easily more than double mile use. This is largely due to battery and cabin warmup, longer your drive the less the effect of cabin and battery heating.

I learned on my first trip about this the hard way, got on the road and energy use was sky high causing a supercharger diversion, but once I committed to the and cabin and battery were warm energy use settled down and in hindsight I didn't need to divert.
Experience is going to be the instructor here, just know the basics, seat heaters are more efficient than cabin heat so set the cabin a little low and warm up your backside, and the faster you go the more energy needed to move the air out of your way. So if you start getting a negative surprise bump the temp down a little and set the cruise 5mph lower and see if that improves the numbers. The in dash NAV is imperfect but use it to help you figure out remaining battery, set destinations even when you don't need the directions.

pnajar | 17. Februar 2018

You might see if this helps

sord6 | 20. Juli 2018

The calculator would be useful to see if driving 65 mph instead of 80 mph could eliminate a stop when driving from Northern to Southern California. Wouldn't be perfect but could give a sense of how much of a factor the speed and a/c was in energy usage. I'm definitely seeing a difference between what my car tells me for range and what I actually get, but don't know how much is due to speed or a/c. Sure, I can look at kW/mi consumption in each case run the calcs, but the online calculator was an easier approach.

Rocky_H | 20. Juli 2018

@sord6, The site can do that, where you play around with the speed ratio to see how many rates miles would be consumed for a route at various speeds.