Wind noise through the sunroof

Wind noise through the sunroof

Just got my Model S about a week ago and immediately noticed noise coming from the sunroof like it wasn’t sealing completely. Is this normal? I guess I expected things to be pretty airtight, but maybe I’m being too sensitive.

murphyS90D | 17. Februar 2018

There is no wind noise coming from my sunroof unless it is open. Have you cycled it open and closed to see if the noise goes away? Check for foreign material that could prevent a seal.

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. Februar 2018

murphyS90D is right. There should be NO wind noise from the sunroof.

Bill_75D | 17. Februar 2018

I have wind noise from my solid glass roof. The gap between the top of the windshield and the front edge of the glass roof causes it. Tesla service told me last year they were working on a rubber strip to close that gap. Last time I went in for service they hadn't heard anything further from Tesla. Service offered to replace my windshield with a new one to try to close the gap. I declined since I have ceramic tint installed.

kerryglittle | 17. Februar 2018

+ 1 murphyS90D.

lmcgee3 | 17. Februar 2018

I see a little gap at the back of the sunroof, the front lines up smoothly with the windshield. I only notice the noise at high speeds and on certain roads. Does anyone else see where the glass sunroof sits slightly higher than the back fitted glass. Maybe the rubber seal needs to be replaced?

Haggy | 17. Februar 2018

Considering that others aren't having the problem, it's fair to say that you probably shouldn't be having it either. Tale it to Tesla.