WoW Tesla...No parts available ? Over 3 weeks now

WoW Tesla...No parts available ? Over 3 weeks now

So my car ran over a pothole (bigger than normal) and there was damage to Tires, suspension, front bumper etc (~$25k damage). Most of the damage was mechanical.

The body shop (tesla approved body shop) ordered parts on 01/31/18 with a repair completion ETA of 02/23/18. As of today, body shop is still awaiting parts and they have no ETA when the remaining parts will arrive.

lilbean | 20. Februar 2018


JaMo_75D | 20. Februar 2018

wow $25k out of pocket?!?!?! that must have been one bad pothole

tes-s | 20. Februar 2018

So says the body shop. What did Tesla say when you contacted them?

TabascoGuy | 20. Februar 2018

"Most of the damage was mechanical."

What was the rest?

Bill_75D | 20. Februar 2018


vpoz | 20. Februar 2018

There’s 2 Tesla’s available minus motors and batteries, but with all chassis etc parts if you look at recent posts.
Move quick before they’re snapped up!

poorsifu | 20. Februar 2018

Geez, I work for an ICE dealer in parts, Just received parts that manufacturer had in stock, 300 miles away.
Took 24 days

barrykmd | 20. Februar 2018

Thanks, lilbean :-)

lilbean | 20. Februar 2018

You’re welcome, barrykmd!

Warkovision | 20. Februar 2018

The Tesla authorized body shop told me back in December that the repair on my car might take up to two months given delays in delivery of parts. But AAA decided it was totaled and and I moved on.

gundeepsethi | 20. Februar 2018

Majority of the Damage as follows:
Front Passenger Tire & Rim
Front Passenger Suspension (Complete)
Rear Passenger Tire & Rim
Rear Passenger Suspension (Complete)
Some damage to battery (insurance claims is repairable)

Body Damage as follows
Front Bumper (the front bumper touched the road, so tons of scratches on the underside)
Passenger side door Skirts (scratches on the underside)
Underbody cover (scratches)

Body shop says that they ordered 119 parts on Jan 31. As of today, they have received 79 parts. Going to call Tesla tomorrow.

tes-s | 21. Februar 2018

For support with your Tesla at a Body Shop, please call 877-798-3752 (press 2, then 4) to speak with a Body Shop Customer Advocate. You can also reach us by email at: Please reference your VIN and which Body Shop you are working with so we can promptly assist.

bodenalan | 21. Februar 2018

I had to wait 5 weeks for a passenger side fender, when I has a minor accident.

jordanrichard | 21. Februar 2018

Now, this is not to defend parts delays, but find another car company that has only been stamping parts for little less than 6 years, has 300,000 vehicles on the road and see how fast you can get part.

gsv | 21. Februar 2018

We are a custom fabrication shop and have 2 mint condition Model S 85 available for sale sans electronics / batteries / motor. We can also take individual parts off the vehicles and ship to you as well. Some of the parts off these vehicles may help you. I have provided the links below:

bill | 21. Februar 2018

I am getting my car back on Friday after a little over two weeks:

Both driver doors replaced.
Column between doors replaced.
Had to replace glass roof because of removing column breaks roof.

Total cost of repair was around $18,000 CAD (US Tesla S 90 D repaired in Canada)

Had to wait 3 month to get it in the shop because of their work load. Ordered parts mid January work started on February 5th done by February 20.

I was originally estimated to be 2 months because of trouble getting parts but looks like they got the parts pretty quick. Also this shop does lots of Tesla's so they had all the parts ordered before they started working on the car. Only needed two more parts. Still waiting on one but they can put it on later (door plate molding).

Given a lot of the other stories I have seen on the forums I am really surprised it went so quick. Vancouver, where the car is fixed has a lot of Tesla's I think it might be the 4 largest population of Tesla's in a major city but they only have two authorized shops. The one I went with was said to be the best by Tesla local SA. I hear more are in certification process.

I can only think it has a lot to do with how good the shop is at predicting what they will need and any connections they have developed over the years.

bill | 21. Februar 2018

Update, my car is only waiting on a piece of molding so I am picking my car up Friday, If the molding has not arrived I can use the old molding until the shop gets the new one and I will return for that. Better then having no car.

So it looks like it only took two weeks for them to repair my car and a max of 5 weeks to get the parts. (Parts were ordered 3 weeks before I gave them the car.

Not sure why it is taking you so long for what sounds like less damage in the same area. Where do you live and who is the shop you are using?

bill | 21. Februar 2018

oops the last post was meant for another thread

sr.smr | 22. Februar 2018

It's too bad the car's camera system does not alert you to potholes.

jordanrichard | 22. Februar 2018

How would a camera discern from a pot hole filled with water, with a simple puddle in the road?

SO | 22. Februar 2018

Vehicle to vehicle communication. When one hits a pothole, send that info to the server for others to know about it. That’d be cool.

Bill_75D | 22. Februar 2018

Potholes aren't static. They start small, get worse, and finally get repaired.

FSD is going to have to see them and react instead of just driving centered in the lane. Currently autopilot will happily run into potholes unless I take over.

gundeepsethi | 15. März 2018

March 15 Update: Body shop is still waiting for Parts and no one has any ETA.

Bighorn | 15. März 2018

Waze warns of pot holes.

bill | 15. März 2018

I think Waze does that by user reports.

tes-s | 15. März 2018

"Body shop is still waiting for Parts and no one has any ETA."

What did Tesla say about that when you called them?

Bighorn | 15. März 2018

User reports or municipalities could also note problem areas not yet addressed

Captain_Zap | 15. März 2018

If a pothole was that significant, I would make a claim with the agency that is responsible for the roadway. I made a claim with a local city for a monster pothole and they paid my monstrous repair bill.

mkeller92 | 16. März 2018

I ran over a road cone in December and had the same type of Damage. 34K was my estimate with completion not until the end of May. Tesla barely has parts to build a new car let alone supply parts to body shops. My insurance company totaled my car out and game me money to buy a new one. Currently waiting impatiently for a refresh! Even minor accidents can be a PITA. Just a heads up. Be careful!

kirksel | 19. März 2018

I went to service on Feb 7th due to my glove box sticking. They ordered a part and it's now almost 6 weeks later and I'm still waiting. Yes, a part of the glove box. I've called twice: last week they said it would be in before Friday and today they can't figure out why they did not get it again so they have "escalated" it. The parts manager is supposed to call me by Friday. Yes, Friday.

carlk | 19. März 2018

C_Z I've made a claim in CA but learned you will get the claim approved only if you can prove negligence on the agency's part. That means you need to show evidence that the agency was informed of the pothole and did not fix it in time. Well how could I ever prove that?

brec | 20. März 2018

After being T-boned by a red-light runner in November, my 2015 MS was at a Tesla-recommended repair facility for three months and a week -- almost all of that waiting for parts.

I don't know, but I'd say Tesla is just not a big enough manufacturer to be able to stockpile sufficient parts to get the same kind of delivery speed as a Nissan, Chevy, etc.

avesraggiana | 20. März 2018

Sometimes parts are "orphaned." I've related this story ad nauseum on this forum; after a fortnight's manufacturing delay, the delivery of my required parts incurred another week of delay even though the parts had already arrived at the auto body shop.

In shipping dozens of autoparts destined for several cars waiting for replacement parts, Tesla had failed to include a shipping manifest in the packing crate. The auto body shop had no way of identifying which replacement part belonged to which car.

I discovered all this when I emailed Tesla Auto Body Support, asking them to track the whereabouts of my car parts. They in turn called the auto body shop to tell them that the parts were already there, lying unidentified among a huge pile of several other unidentified car parts. The auto body shop then contacted me to tell me that indeed, the parts had been in their building all week long and now that Tesla had sent over the missing manifest, work on my car could resume.

Forty six days, from drop off to pick up. The workmanship at Amato's Auto Body was exceptional, and we were very, very happy to get our Model S back.

gundeepsethi | 28. März 2018

3/28/18 Update:

Last I talked with Auto body shop, they were still awaiting parts, as of last week. CSR was supposed to check with Production Manager and get back to me. This was last week. I have left messages every day this week for an update, but no response from Auto Body shop.

Called Tesla Auto Body support yesterday. As per them, the Auto body shop uses a "pilot" program and they do not have any visibility on parts order or their status. (Same response that I got 1 month ago and 2 weeks ago). Tesla CSR is supposed to call back within 48 hours with an update.

This is just becoming a nightmare now. This is a 2017 Model S with ~7k miles and Tesla has no parts available.