Who makes the virtual instrument cluster of the Tesla Model S?

Who makes the virtual instrument cluster of the Tesla Model S?

Good Morning,

Who makes the virtual instrument cluster of the Tesla Model S?

Also, If you know who makes the central console of the Model 3.


hemantajay | 23. Februar 2018

I believe it is Nvidia Tegra

carlk | 23. Februar 2018

NVidia Tegra is the graphic processor used to power this Tesla UI. BTW the one in the pic is the dash screen of a pre-AP Tesla.

Run4Waffles | 23. Februar 2018

I could tell you, but then I would have to .....


mike | 23. Februar 2018

Nvidia tegra is not only a gpu. It is an ARM based SOC, (system on a chip). In late September last year there were several news reports about unnamed sources saying that Intel would be used for the "infotainment" functions in future Tesla updates.

djlott | 23. Februar 2018

Hey that's a pretty neat display for the driver dash (OP's link to pic). Are we able to customize the driver's display (smaller screen) or is that a hard coded look based on region? I'm not looking to hack the Linux OS or anything like that but if this is a hidden menu thing I'm all in.

carlk | 23. Februar 2018

I said in my post above it's how the pre-AP screen looks like.

SUN 2 DRV | 23. Februar 2018

Yep, that looks just like the one in my car... except I've usually got a lot more yellow/orange showing. :-) | 23. Februar 2018

The Tesla Instrument Cluster and MCU on the Model S and X are Tesla's design. They use various parts, such as the Nvidia processor, and LG displays (at one time), but the modules are not sourced from some other vendor, as is done at many other companies. They are assembled at the Fremont factory (not on the factory tour), and the PCBs have Tesla's copyright. More undocumented info at:

barryswalters | 23. Februar 2018

I was told that the display noted above was from 2015 and that current models could not get it.

Volta | 25. Februar 2018

I appreciate your responses very helpful Thank You

uscgreel | 29. April 2020

The Instrument Cluster actual display is an out sourced screen by LG display. See the details here:

Tldickerson | 30. April 2020

@uscgreel, thanks for the link. Somebody here just maybe in the market for a new screen.

klufkee | 30. April 2020

Indeed! I'll be ordering one up in case they become scarce later. My display is not currently leaking but I am getting quite close to end of warranty. I bet $289 beats the pants off the out of warranty cost through Tesla.