"Meet Model 3" Events popping up

"Meet Model 3" Events popping up

I live in Albany NY and today there is a "Meet Model 3" event in town from 4-8pm.

"Join us in Albany for a first look at Model 3 - our newest, most affordable car.

"During the event you will have the exclusive opportunity to view Model 3 on display, explore Model S and Model X, and learn about or legislative efforts to expand Tesla's presence in New York. Product experts will be available to answer any questions and share the latest Tesla products and updates."

I'm curious if people are seeing these events in their areas, too? Or maybe it's more targeted, since NY is one of the states where the weird laws around stores vs dealerships vs showrooms for auto manufacturers are limiting Tesla's store footprint currently.

Oh and also if you happen to be in Albany and are planning on going, let me know! I'd love to meet any fellow forum members :)

andy.connor.e | 26. Februar 2018

I got an email about this event last week, already RSVP'd, and i'll be there in about 2.5 hours.

andy.connor.e | 26. Februar 2018

I think @dyefrog and @Shock will be there as well.

wisniewsk | 26. Februar 2018

Attending one tomorrow in Syracuse

wisniewsk | 26. Februar 2018

Attending one tomorrow in Syracuse

stark2311340783 | 26. Februar 2018

Can I go there in there after it has started?

andy.connor.e | 26. Februar 2018

Its from 4-8pm. so if you wanted to show up after 4pm, there is nothing wrong with that.

stark2311340783 | 26. Februar 2018

I didn't see on the email, but do we get to test drive it?

andy.connor.e | 26. Februar 2018

I signed up for a Model S tour in Syracuse a few years back. When i RSVP'd for that event, the RSVP was also signing my name for a test drive. Having done that in person so there was nothing to do when i got there, i would be surprised if they offered Test drives. Given the location of the event in Albany, i would not expect test drives, but also for the fact that there was no indication on the event page.

maintreqd | 26. Februar 2018

@andy are you talking about the one in Albany? I didn't realize there was an RSVP... I didn't do that and am just planning to show up. I hope they let me in! For anyone attending today, I'll be there with blond hair, a plaid shirt, and grey paints -- come say hello!

@stark -- I wouldn't hold my breath.

Honestly, the way this is worded ("During the event you will have the exclusive opportunity to view Model 3 on display, explore Model S and Model X...") it almost sounds to me like you'll be able to climb in an S or an X, but that the Model 3 will for your eyes only (since it will be "on display" and not to "be explored")

I could be reading too far into it.

andy.connor.e | 26. Februar 2018

I think you're much too deep. Try a bigger boat.

And yea the Albany one had an RSVP.

maintreqd | 26. Februar 2018

Cool, see you there @andy

Rocky_H | 26. Februar 2018

There are unofficial ones here and there too. The first Model 3 in Idaho got delivered a week or two ago, so the owners were having a get-together of the local Tesla owners to let people check it out on Saturday, but it was cancelled for snow that day, so it will be rescheduled.

maintreqd | 27. Februar 2018

takeaways from last night:

1. very happy to finally see a red m3 in person; it is gorgeous (and with the 19" wheels! the very config I am gunning for when I get my invite)
2. very disappointed to have not gotten to meet anyone from the forum
3. I watched this kid intermittently taking pictures of panel gaps for about 2 hours (not that I studied him for 2 hours, but every time I saw him for the 2ish hours I was there, he was taking photos about 3" off of the car's surface lol)

Silver2K | 27. Februar 2018


i'll be there :)

dyefrog | 27. Februar 2018

Went to the one last night in Albany and the RSVP is not really necessary. You can register your contact info and get another of Franz's sketches like we were mailed early on. No test drives at least at this one, it was inside a building. Got there about 4:30 and line for Model 3 was about 1/2 hour to get a chance to sit in drivers side. Other side was not monitored. It's red and I was pleasantly surprised that it's a better looking red IMO than the pictures I've seen. I had narrowed it down to red/blue/MS and there was a MS Model S and I liked the red better.

If maintreqd/Andy/Shock, etc want to meetup, we should use the Capital District EV Drivers functions. I saw MIke Kamm there and he's really involved in the EV community and has events now and then. I would hope the drive EV week event this September will give us a chance to show off our Model 3's.

silverslim1 | 27. Februar 2018

Wife and I were there at 3:45 PM. M3 is beautiful as I knew it would be. She sat in drivers seat I in passenger seat and back. Seats fell great! Back seats have sufficient leg room but not enormous (I'm 6' 1") I checked all the panel gaps by eyeball and they looked fine to me. The MS that was there was the midnight silver. We had been torn between the midnight silver and the blue. As of now we're leaning toward the blue...silver just seemed too dark. Maybe just the lighting. Staff was knowledgeable but didn't have answers to questions probably most of us would like to when AWD will arrive...and what will the HP be for each motor. Guess only Elon knows at the moment. Anyway...great to see the M3 in person. More events in Rodchester, Syracuse and Buffalo NY. Go if you can!

maintreqd | 27. Februar 2018

@dyefrog, definitely a good plan for September! My delivery estimate is July-Sept so I should hopefully be driving my M3 by then. Will be fun to meet some of you finally. I requested via FB to join that group last night (a coworker of mine who has an MS was there and slipped me the info, I'm so glad our area has a group like that!) Hopefully my request to join will be approved even though I don't own an EV yet (I mentioned my reservation and the July-Sept delivery estimate I have currently for it).

@silverslim I love the blue but it too disappears into the night just like the dark silver does. It's a point to consider, for sure. I am definitely going with the red; seeing it in person last night really solidified that decision for me. It's such a beautiful car. I am usually a white car person, but the M3 in red just looks so... classic.

andy.connor.e | 27. Februar 2018

The hundreds of photos i have seen made seeing the car in person rather anti-climactic. It is as the photos say, but you can appreciate it much more in person. The wheels look awesome, but im still going to get the aero cover ones, because im built around efficiency.

After standing in line for an hour, i was able to sit in the drivers seat. The only thing i really did was to get an angle of view for the center screen, how much i can see from a 180 degree left to right, and make sure i can fit in the drivers seat.

First thing i noticed. I did not drive the car, so its hard to determine, but the amount that i could see looking forward was exceptional compared to what i endure now. I was actually able to adjust the seat so my head was centered in the middle of the windshield, rather than having my eye level with the roof line on my current car. I can see so much out of this car. But this is coming from owning an extremely undersized car for my height.

The center screen is actually much lower than i expected. It is rather distant from any peripheral glances, but its something that you'll just get used to like any other car. Wish the steering wheel could come a little closer to me, but otherwise i was able to actually sit back, relaxed, and comfortably without feeling like im reaching 10' in front of me to hold the steering wheel.

The door open button is in a really awesome spot. You can grab the side handle and press the button with your thumb and you already have your hand grasped to the door. Better than pulling a handle, letting the door swing a little on a hill and then grabbing the little pocket handle like in every other car. You have control over the door before you even open it.

I ignored just about everything else. I had a gut feeling this was going to be a "2-minute experience" kind of event, and it was. Granted, it seemed like alot of people there had not done much research or spent much time discussing the car not necessarily limited to being on the forums. I hope that in the closer future, i will get a more up close and personal chance to look in-depth more, and test drive it of course. With my new Aug-Oct window, im more than sure i will get that chance.

I'll stick around to glance at topics to see if anyone is trying to meet up or something in the capital region NYS, but otherwise i've oversatisfied myself between the photos, Tesla news, forums and now a chance to sit in it. So im all set at this point, going to focus my efforts on savings and getting destination chargers installed at work/residence. I will probably come back with an update on how that is going down, but otherwise im all set here.

Wimpy ti | 27. Februar 2018

I actually happened across a similar event at the Mall showroom in Houston. It was for current owners only, and was focused on the power wall & legislative efforts. We shmoozed our way in and after the presentations were allowed to ask questions about the M3 as well though.

Bspencer1517 | 27. Februar 2018

Will be at the Syracuse event tonight. Bummed that it sounds like there's no update on the AWD option, but also expected since there hadn't been any headline news on it.