Another 102 Fatalities today by non-self driving vehicles. And 500 Fires/day

Another 102 Fatalities today by non-self driving vehicles. And 500 Fires/day

People should not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drivers are killing many people each and every day.

Mike83 | 27. Dezember 2018
Mike83 | 03. Januar 2019
Mike83 | 05. Januar 2019

Allowing a bad truck driver to continue driving caused the death of 5 kids and himself and injuries. In Florida.

Mike83 | 08. Januar 2019

This was posted on the forum. Death in a garage via carbon monoxide.

Mike83 | 12. Januar 2019

Gasoline fires melted his hair and must be very painful. Amazing people who rescued him before the care exploded.

billtphotoman | 12. Januar 2019

The injury statistics are even more alarming. This is from 2016 Basically there is a 1.4% per year chance a driver will be injured in an accident. Do any of you now know someone hurt in a car crash? Driving is _far_ more dangerous than most people realize and I really hope autonomous vehicles arrive sooner rather than later. Sadly after 4 months with EAP I think they are farther away than Elon seems to think.

Mike83 | 12. Januar 2019

The good news is that EAP is about 7 times less likely to be accident prone than without it.
Both our Teslas have EAP/FSD and both of us have been driving for several years using EAP without a scratch. In fact several times the car detected a potential collision and avoided it. There are many Youtubes showing how that works.
In addition the NAV on EAP is practically self driving already and it works on many streets.
My take is it is coming sooner than people think. The new AI Tesla chip, which no one realizes is a company in itself, may be approved very soon in some states. I am excited for this. We are already driving with much less stress. I get nervous if I have to ride in an ICE vehicle which may also be leaking carbon monoxide, that reduces cognition, in the cabin.
I read that AVIS just bought hundreds of M3s. I will use them if I have to rent a car from the airport.

M3BlueGeorgia | 12. Januar 2019


The only news articles I can find about Avis and Tesla relate to Avis NORWAY ordering Tesla Model S and X, not Model 3. Do you see any news about Model 3 in the USA?

Mike83 | 12. Januar 2019

@M3BlueGeorgia Your right. It was not the Model 3 but the MS and MX.
I just realized that the Tesla Network setup will be set up for M3s for FSD.

Mike83 | 06. Februar 2019

Failed steering and brake pedals falling off in Ram trucks. Electronic problems?

Mike83 | 20. März 2019

HIgh C02 levels in Fords; recall previous problems the CHP had. More people having problems with high C02 in blood.

Mike83 | 27. März 2019
Mike83 | 26. April 2019

We are on a long trip and I saw this. Deadly explosions killing many people and injuring others. We feel so much safer in our quick Tesla.

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

Temperatures above 2500 degrees melting cars, metal. This youtube shows the horendous damages caused by gasoline/diesel explosions.

dmastro | 26. April 2019
jimglas | 26. April 2019

I find this interesting that this "happened" right after the livestream event. Even more interesting is that there has been no follow up. I suspect this was staged.

calvin940 | 26. April 2019


And we excessively hear about that *one* *single* event everywhere when it happens, but this thread is about highlighting the fact that media and discussions ignoring the rest of what is happening with ICE vehicles to provide a lopsided perspective.

dmastro | 26. April 2019

Another last week... after it had already caught fire a couple months earlier. Thank goodness ICE fires generally stay put out after they're put out.

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

LOL. One Tesla fire amplified by fossil fuel interests while hundreds of fires each day from ICE vehicles. Just don't breathe diesel/gas fumes which are carcinogenic. Crazy but not unexpected.

dmastro | 26. April 2019

You know there are about 1B ICE cars on the road, compared to 5M EVs. So one should expect at least 200/1 ratio of car fires. Increasing that factor would be the fact that there are many older ICE vehicles in worn condition just by the fact that EVs are relatively new.

I'm just not sure what the point of the thread is... I see car fire reports every day on my local news.

If you're suggesting that there is more national coverage for EV fires, I imagine this is due to the fact that 1) there are far fewer EV on the road so an EV fire is something of a novelty and 2) EV fires have several times taken hours to extinguish, or caught fire again hours after being extinguished - more interesting news to sell than a standard car fire that is extinguished quickly.

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

Using statistics which I know these jokers avoid shows Tesla has fires 5 times less than ICE and they are not fatal.
Third degree burns, lung damage from burning fossil fuels besides death in ICE fires.

Billions of miles on AP driven and by gosh very rare if any fires.

dmastro | 26. April 2019

That's great and I'm a believer that autonomous vehicles will be safer than non-autonomous. (which could include ICE autonomous as well, it's not necessarily an EV - ICE thing)

But as I said - that doesn't drive the national news cycle. Fires that last 4 hours, and cars that spontaneously combust 2 months after burning the first time drive the news cycle.

ICE car fires are a dime a dozen on the national level because they happen all the time and are resolved quickly - unless they're massive accidents like the one in Denver which was covered nationally. But I see local ICE fires on my news every day.

I'm not sure this is made out to be some huge conspiracy.

dmastro | 26. April 2019

not sure *why*

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

Obviously a rare(possibly arson set) makes a big impression on some. Not me.

dmastro | 26. April 2019

You are obviously not the norm.

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

With 34 million shares shorted and a case where a guy shot a bullet in his battery pack with a resultant fire; it behoves one to believe the slanted anti Tesla news that is so full of BS and incorrect data it is almost funny.
Thank God I can think and not be lemming like some

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

We're on a 2000 mile trip using Nav on EAP 97% of time it does prevent collisions already and it is 5 star rated for safety. Real owners are not fooled by the stock manipulations. Company is doing fine. | 26. April 2019

Of the few EV fires, people normally walk away before it catches fire - or even on fire can escape as the fire is under the car for many minutes. On ICE accidents of similar severity, when it catches fire, it happens almost instantly with flaming gas entering the cabin killing the passengers.

Now for super bad accidents where the passengers are killed due to immediate physical damage and impact, the fire issue is somewhat moot on both EVs and ICE.

jerrykham | 26. April 2019

I had a guy at work ask me about that Tesla fire on the news recently. He drives a Honda - so I asked him about the 27 or so Hondas that caught on fire the previous day. He was like, "what?" - I told him it could have been more but that there are several hundred ICE fires a day and since Hondas are all over the place it was at least that many... A lot of people are oblivious to it because it is just normal to them and isn't reported nationally.

jjgunn | 26. April 2019

dmastro | April 26, 2019
You know there are about 1B ICE cars on the road, compared to 5M EVs. So one should expect at least 200/1 ratio of car fires.
Wrong - I expect safety & driving a carcinogenic ICE that's more likely to catch fire sounds like a really REALLY bad idea for me & my family..

I'll take the NHTSA's 5 star EVERY category. Thanks for playing

Mike83 | 26. April 2019

Apparently the truck driver lost his brakes.

ODWms | 27. April 2019

There are probably not a lot of people who have had 2 separate cases of their own ICE cars spontaneously combust. I have: 1975 Chrysler Cordoba; 1985 BMW 325e.

I’ll certainly post here if and when it ever happens with my EV. .

rdclark53 | 27. April 2019
dmastro | 27. April 2019

@jjgunn: I’m not sure what you just argued... i stated that we should expect many more ICE fires than EV fires. You said I was wrong... so I guess you think We should expect more EV fires than ICE?

I think you’re playing something different than me. I suppose myopia clouds the thought process.

jjgunn | 27. April 2019

I read your post as 200/1 - 200 EV's on fire to 1 ICE car - my mistake

Mike83 | 17. Mai 2019

Even a fender bender can cause C0 poisoning and or cognitive disorders.

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

Just one of many, also semi vehicle fires, center divider fatality, etc.

PBEndo | 18. Mai 2019

"explosive gasoline (one gas tank= 200 sticks of dynamite)" doesn't pass the sniff test (Warning! - Kids at home, never sniff gasoline or dynamite!). There may be some equivalence in total energy, but certainly not in explosive potential or in probability of causing death in real world situations. Explosions depend on a near instant release of that energy. I wouldn't want to be in a car with either one, but igniting 200 sticks of dynamite will instantly destroy the car and its occupants launching the car and debris over a large distance. Igniting the gas tank, or gasoline leaking out of it will start a fire, and sometimes will result in an explosion, often with some significant delay, and the explosion would not compare to the dynamite. One key difference is that liquid gasoline is not explosive like atomized gasoline in air.
Your common sense alarm should go off when on the one hand you report that there are 100's of gas fueled cars that catch fire every day yet the explosions that occur aren't anything close to what 200 sticks of dynamite would do. Even Hollywood movie car explosions (which are exaggerated) asren’t close to 200 sticks of dynamite.
Another common sense alarm should go off when you consider how easy it is to buy large quantities of gasoline and how difficult it is to buy any quantity of dynamite.
Here’s a car intentionally blown up with only 14 sticks of dynamite.
Gasoline is bad enough when you stick with the facts. There is no need to make unrealistic or unsupported claims about how bad it is. In doing so, you are no better than the FUD’sters and biased media that you constantly complain about.

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

Opinions vary

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

Opinions vary

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

Not really an issue but the old information about 200 sticks of dynamite is here. Not being in puyogenics I don't know the scatter radius and such. Depends on on several factors.

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

pyrogenics spell check didn't work

PBEndo | 19. Mai 2019

Very convincing reference. I was so worried that you might be spreading false and unsupported information like those you constantly attack. Glad to find out my fears were unfounded. Clearly a comment on a gun blog without citation is a credible source. I assume you were referencing the first comment since the majority of related comments on the page refute your claim. Obviously those comments are wrong. Good job in filtering the facts from the FUD!

Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019
Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019


Although I am not really interested in how much explosive power is in TNT and compared to gasoline you might want to research it on the next link. It is not so simple as you think.
The points I have been trying to make(maybe not so well) is that gasoline explosions and burning flesh is very painful and breathing these fumes have destroyed lungs. The victim doesn't care if is 2 ot 200 equivalents of TNT.

PBEndo | 19. Mai 2019

The point is that you are the most vocal about biased media and people making unfounded statements against EV's yet you often do the same thing in support of EV's. Truth is truth and lies are lies regardless of whether they align with your agenda. When you do this it hurts your credibility and makes it easy for those in the anti-EV camp to defeat your arguments.

Also, TNT is not dynamite. Try again.

PBEndo | 19. Mai 2019

Many people think TNT and dynamite are the same thing since the Bugs Bunny cartoons would often show a stick of dynamite with the letters TNT printed on the side. Other people learn from books and teachers.

"Although I am not really interested in how much explosive power is in TNT and compared to gasoline"
You actually used the word explosive in your comparison.

Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019

Lovely philosophy. I'll consider your guru status.