Another 102 Fatalities today by non-self driving vehicles. And 500 Fires/day

Another 102 Fatalities today by non-self driving vehicles. And 500 Fires/day

People should not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drivers are killing many people each and every day.

Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019

Sure seems hard to get some automakers to fix their cars unlike Tesla.

Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019

Off topic a bit but some better FUD busters than I. Doubt if I have any effect on EV since Tesla can't make enough cars fo fill demand.

Mike83 | 19. Mai 2019

As far as TNT vs. Dynamite vs. Gas for those who don't want to do the calculations and want to nitpick it:

"For comparison, gunpowder contains 3 megajoules per kilogram, dynamite contains 7.5 megajoules per kilogram, and gasoline contains 47.2 megajoules per kilogram (though gasoline requires an oxidant, so an optimized gasoline and O2 mixture contains 10.4 megajoules per kilogram)."

6 lbs/gallon or 2.7 kg/gal times 20 gallons is 54 kg or 562 megajoules equates to 0.13 tons of TNT while one stick of dynamite has 1 megajoule and weighs 190 grams. Take your pick.

Just fun calculations.

PBEndo | 20. Mai 2019

It is not about gas vs. dynamite. It is about being a hypocrite.

Mike83 | 20. Mai 2019

I don't know your problem with some chip on your shoulder but not interested in your eagerness to fight and criticize(trolling).
No more responses to you from me. Enjoy your life if that is possible. .

Mike83 | 20. Mai 2019

It seems insurance claims for ICE fires is common and must increase insurance costs. I believe Telsa insurance would work well since Tesla fires are very rare and damage is usually contained.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20. Mai 2019

dmastro: I'm pretty sure it is closer to 20,000,000,000 ICE vehicles on the road, worldwide. Maybe 250,000,000 ICE vehicles on the road in the United States of America.

· 3,180,000 results for 'car fire fisker' on Google search.

· 247,000,000 Results for 'car fire ford'.

· 89,800,000 results for 'car fire chevrolet'.

· 74,600,000 results for 'car fire dodge'.

· 90,800,000 results for 'car fire lincoln'.

· 34,300,000 results for 'car fire cadillac'.

· 35,800,000 results for 'car fire chrysler'.

· 102,000,000 results for 'car fire honda'.

· 86,900,000 results for 'car fire nissan'.

· 109,000,000 results for 'car fire toyota'.

· 96,400,000 results for 'car fire audi'.

· 114,000,000 results for 'car fire bmw'.

· 97,600,000 results for 'car fire mercedes'.

· 16,300,000 results for 'car fire acura'.

· 16,800,000 results for 'car fire infiniti'.

· 31,500,000 results for 'car fire lexus'.

· 42,400,000 results for 'car fire gasoline'.

· 114,000,000 results for 'car fire diesel'.

· 275,000,000 results for 'car fire oil'.

· 35,900,000 restults for 'car fire petroleum'.

· 49,000,000 results for 'car fire petrol'.

· 46,600,000 results for 'car fire tesla'.

· 139,000,000 results for 'car fire electricity'.

· 895,000,000 results for 'car fire electric'.

· 255,000,000 results for 'car fire electrical'.

Overall, there seems to be a general reluctance to refer to fuel type or brand when referring to a vehicle fire. I guess it is that tradition that makes it especially intriguiging when members of I'mWitlessNEWS crews go out of their way to mention Tesla in their reports of vehicle fires. It is rare that brand is called out as well, and no correlation is typically made to the highly flammable and instantly combustible liquid that occupies reservoirs within most vehicles that 'catch fire' every day -- we don't know why, honest. Instead, it is the relative 'slow, smoldering burn' of 'unexplained, electrical fires' that garner most attention, and are most demonized, even when no one is hurt. I guess destruction of property or loss of value is more important to prioritize in reporting. And always in Fatherly, experienced, warning terms of advice and warranted caution, it seems.

andy.connor.e | 20. Mai 2019

Who would want to refer to a fuel type or brand when referring to a vehicle fire? That gives the brand a bad name. Thats probably why they arent reported.

When there is a car accident, the media does not say "A Ford mustang was involved in an accident this morning". Not only is that free advertising for the company, but it gives the mustang a flag that its involved in accidents.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20. Mai 2019

andy.connor.e: Precisely. Because Tesla doesn't advertise, doesn't pay the piper, pays no bribes, offers no kickbacks, doesn't pay their dues, doesn't play by the rules, ALL NEWS IS BAD NEWS. See how that works? Except, it doesn't, because Tesla remains in business and if all goes well for them will outsell Buick, Cadillac, and possibly a good chunk of Mazda and Volkswagen in the U.S. this year. Despite the bad news, no matter that they pay no one for advertising. Yay? It just ain't fair! Shole ain't.

Someone, somewhere, really prefers that the terms 'car fire' are most often associated with 'electrical' than 'oil' or 'gasoline' on the internet. I wonder why? I have seen plenty gasoline fires raging over the decades, consuming cars, trucks, and vans. It is treated as 'ordinary', 'normal', or even 'commonplace' by local news in Los Angeles. Hmmm...

The brands Mustang or Porsche are very seldom mentioned in news reports that cover fiery car crashes. When they are, it is usually in association with coverage of illegal street racing of modified custom cars. Y'know, as a cautionary tale about personal responsibility -- never to besmirch a brand. And now this word from our sponsor -- Billy Bob Bleuhardt's Big Blue World of Cars -- a name you can trust.

andy.connor.e | 20. Mai 2019

Im only a bit concerned with how Musk said they could be out of money in 10 months at Q1 burn rate. I dont understand how they are still struggling this badly even with the ramped up M3 production. Are they actually taking on too much?

Mike83 | 23. Mai 2019

Deadly crash with fires. Tesla Semi couldn't come soon enough.

Mike83 | 04. Juni 2019

Pleased to see media is picking up on the media FUD

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Juni 2019

andy.connor.e: No. They aren't.

Fear is the mind killer.

Uncertainty paralyzes.

Doubt prevents positive action.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20. Juni 2019

GM fighting hard for your safety...

General Motors (GM) is trying to prevent another recall of its Takata air bags. The automaker is asking federal regulators to exempt it from recalls that were required under a 2015 deal between Takata and the government. Twenty-four people have been killed and hundreds of others have been injured from the airbags worldwide.

andy.connor.e | 20. Juni 2019

A recall would cost money. Safety is never the primary concern.

jjgunn | 20. Juni 2019

We need to reduce the population anyway. Right GM? Mercedes? BMW??

Mike83 | 20. Juni 2019

Population reduction via ICE vehicles, Coal burning, heat stroke, diseases, no health care, deminished food production, ocean acidification reducing oxygen, toxins in drinking water and so on might just be their plans. Also wars.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20. Juni 2019

On the other hand, I'm sure executives at Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and FIAT, companies that have all been outsold by Tesla YTD in the U.S. all think that Tesla is '...taking on too much...'

'IF' is not an agent of Fear, but an ally of Hope.

Mike83 | 18. Juli 2019

We are so happy not to have an ICE vehicle in the garage and no gas storage. Breathe easy.

Mike83 | 02. August 2019

They got this fire put on quickly. Another SUV ICE fire explosion.

Mike83 | 02. August 2019

The car that burst into flames was a Lexus SUV after the accused drunk left the vehicle.

Mike83 | 08. September 2019

Parked BMWs burst into flame. Still very strange.

billlake2000 | 08. September 2019

Just BMW owners who took a test ride in a Tesla, and, well, you can guess the rest

rhj | 08. September 2019

It’s all that Distracted Crashing

Mike83 | 09. September 2019

Feel better having no gas cars in our garage. It smells better and less carcinogenic.

coselectric | 09. September 2019

I called 911 on an ICE vehicle fire a couple weeks ago on I-25. I actually thought it was a brush fire because my vantage point was obscured by a hill, but it turned out to be a vehicle fire. Didn't even make the local news. I hope everyone got out ok.

Mike83 | 14. September 2019

Transporting gasoline can be deadly and stop traffic for many hours.

elecfan2 | 14. September 2019

Love my Tesla model 3, use autopilot all the time. But please change the title, Tesla vehicles are not self driving, yet.

Mike83 | 14. September 2019

That is not in the title but they are much safer with EAP by 8 times I believe. Levels(1 to 5) of self driving is another topic.

Bighorn | 15. September 2019

Hyundai SUV fire shut down I-90 on the Montana reservation, meaning help was not on the way, when I was trying to get home the other day. Not shut down, but a fuel truck seemed reluctant to go around and was blocking half a mile of cars behind him until people decided to go off-roading in the median.