VW cheaters try to inhibit Tesla but they are caught again

VW cheaters try to inhibit Tesla but they are caught again

I am very disappointed that Germany, who should be environmentally progressive, has these influences slowing progress.
When one thinks about it the EU includes Germany and these tactics won't work in the end.

Mike83 | 04. Mai 2019

Collusion to prevent CLEAN VEHICLES.

The lies require more lies but it doesn't work out for cheats.

NKYTA | 04. Mai 2019

Was just behind license VW RAAR, in the Bay. I waited patiently while he got his hamsters and speakers warmed up. Eventually couldn’t take it at the next light, and accelerated to the speed limit, at Tesla acceleration.

Sound pollution (and other pollution) in my rear view.

Mike83 | 18. Mai 2019

We really need the BioHazard filter; don't care for strokes but this article covers the other organs diseased.

Mike83 | 24. Mai 2019
Mike83 | 29. Mai 2019

Now bribery. Shocked at the amount of corruption | 29. Mai 2019

@Mike83 - Not shocked - but electrified! :)

Mike83 | 19. August 2019
TranzNDance | 19. August 2019

I had interpreted the German court was the cheat device because of the colon in the title.

I think execs making claims about the safety of emissions should sit in a running vehicle in a closed garage to prove their assertion.

Mike83 | 19. August 2019

They should throw the book at them. Make them pay for the lung, heart and strokes they caused.

Mike83 | 20. August 2019

S Korea banning Audi, BE and Porsches. But Tesla is selling there. I like S.Korea | 20. August 2019

@Mike83 - Interesting article. To be clear, they are only baning 8 diesel models. I suspect all of them have already been discontinued, considering the black mark against them from diselgate.

Mike83 | 20. August 2019

Thanks for the clarification TT.
I also wonder if there are other countries who like to protect the health of their citizens besides California. | 21. August 2019

Notwithstanding some opinion, California is not a county.