Powerwall "Review" on my blog

Powerwall "Review" on my blog

I've had my 3-Powerwall ensemble for one month now, and the app, limited as it is, has provided endless entertainment. I've been experimenting with manual TOU adjustment since they haven't updated it yet, and I've done some economic analysis along with a bit of technical babble. This all might be of interest to those thinking of getting a Powerwall system. I also noticed the odd anomaly or so with the system operation. Anyway, it turns out March has been Tesla month on the blog, so anyone interested in some words and pix, find it here:

Still eagerly waiting for the app update and wondering why it takes so long to "roll out."


Tesla-David | 01. April 2018

Thanks @rfactor, congratulations for finally getting your PW2 installation. I have been also waiting for almost 3 years for a 2-PW2 installation to augment our 13.2 kWh solar system up in Edmonds, WA. I will look forward to checking our your Powerwall blog to see how everything is working out for you.

rfactor | 08. April 2018

I've had my Powerwalls for over a month now, and have tried to photographically document the inconsistencies and anomalies in routine operation:

I still have not had my app updated to automatic TOU and annoyingly have to continue to "customize" every day. Still no idea why it's taking so long or when they will get around to it, other than "by 20 April."


roger | 07. Mai 2018

I was promised time of use was "imminent" when Powerwall 2 was installed over a month ago. Still waiting. The only option I have on the customise menu is self powered. Nothing else. Quite frustrating, particularly when battery is full or nearly full and it still draws some power from the grid… What, as they say, is that all about? Surely it would make more sense to offer people the ability to say something like "do not draw any power from the grid unless the batteries below X percent state of charge"?

roger | 07. Mai 2018

It also has to be said that I'm getting ridiculous readings from the app. On countless occasions now it has claimed that I am exporting more to the grid than my PV system is capable of producing.
Sometimes twice as much!

rfactor | 07. Mai 2018

The only answer I have been able to get is they are "rolling out" the update. I was promised 20 April at the latest and so far, nothing. Disappointing and very silly, since it's a software update. As I pointed out in one email, other companies manage to "roll out" an update overnight for hundreds of millions of devices. There seems to be no option other than patience or writing your own software, which I am not eager to do other than as a last resort.

As for the ridic readings, it may be a hardware problem. You might want to file a support request. Are the numbers in the source and sink readings at least consistent? If not, perhaps Tesla has invented perpetual motion and you're the beta site.

rfactor | 14. Mai 2018

NEWS: Just spoke to "customer support" and was told that TOU is only being "rolled out" to California customers. I'm in AZ and now have absolutely no information on when I will be able to stop adjusting the "customization" twice a day.

Very frustrating, but seems there's nothing to be done.

shank15217 | 16. Mai 2018

Just read your review, what is your solar generation during the day on average? Your load seems awfully high but you did say everything is electric.

rfactor | 17. Mai 2018

My solar system generates ~120kWh and 60kWh respectively on sunny days in the summer and winter months. The house is all electric. I have more solar power than I can use in the summer and I'm trying to use the Powerwalls to build up on-peak credits for winter use. I'll know how much I really save by next year.