Bluetooth sounds just OK, then when you engage AP it goes TERRIBLE

Bluetooth sounds just OK, then when you engage AP it goes TERRIBLE

Wife's new MX with just 60 miles on it and only a week old. She has an iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.2.6 and the car is 2018.12 5 When I talk to her in the car the BT audio is down a little. I would say a 7 on a scale of 1-10 in listening quality/volume. A couple of times she has engaged autopilot and when she does the BT audio goes WACKY and now it sounds like the phone is in the rear cargo compartment and she is in the drivers seat. The volume level is down and when I talk to her I can hear it echo'ing back with a slight delay. It hasn't happened every time but say 2 out of the last 5 uses. On a scale of 1-10 the quality/volume is a 2 out of 10. TERRIBLE. If she takes the phone and puts it in her lap and switches the iPhone to SPEAKER, the volume/quality go to 10, what I would expect from it. If she then switches back to the TESLA BT on the phone then again, it is terrible.

She DOES NOT have an APPLE WATCH. Just her and her iPhone.

She is going to update to iOS 11.3 but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Any others have this issue?
Any suggestions?
Can you adjust the volume on the BT Mic in the car and increase it?

Thanks in advance!

markab320 | 07. April 2018

Ok, I dug through most of the posts on here and while the majority of the GARBLED sounds are a result of having an Apple Watch and an iPhone X, it seems that the overall lack of VOLUME and CLARITY are just a function of the crappy location and quality of the Bluetooth microphone, which I find VERY VERY sad. I'm not sure what is happening when it goes real crappy. I got to thinking if there were ANY other bluetooth devices in the car and she does wear a FITBIT fitness tracker that IS Bluetooth'ed to her phone.

We'll do some more testing.

Is there any hope for the volume and quality issues to be fixed? It is very disappointing that with that level of car that this one area is really lacking! That, when you put the iPhone on SPEAKER and lay it on the seat next to you that it is 20x's better as one person reported.


markab320 | 07. April 2018

Follow on question...

Should the microphones on both "A" pillars be working during a Bluetooth phone call? Or only the drivers? Testing this morning, on a phone call only the Driver microphone is active.

swgdan | 07. April 2018

Try updating the iPhone to 11.3

jerryk | 07. April 2018

Anyone have similar issues with Android phones? I am currently using an Samsung S8.

Redmiata98 | 08. April 2018

I use an Iphone 7 and have AP1. I am not experiencing any problems with sound quality. Do you have AP2?

kurtisdean8 | 08. April 2018

I am experiencing problems as well. When I make a call with BT the person I am calling can hear me, but I can't hear them. This has happened on several occasions and very sporadic. I am not doing anything different when it does work vs when it doesn't. Has anyone else had this problem. | 08. April 2018

I'm using Android (Samsung S6) without any problems. Bluetooth is a rather fickle design and a lot of things can cause problems, although it surprisingly works rather well most of the time. I used to do software design work with Bluetooth, and there are so many bugs in hardware chips and software drivers (all phones - Android and Apple). It's a minefield for the software developer to work around all the quirks and it's often hard to identify who is at fault (the car, the phone, other items).What works for one owner may not for another.

Ok, some things to check - are there any other apps running on the phone that has anything to do with bluetooth? If so, try killing off the running apps and see if that helps/fixes the issue. Are there multiple bluetooth products in the car at the same time. Bluetooth is supposed to deal with this, but again, they can interfere in odd ways. For example, more phones, tablets, earbuds, smart watch, fitness monitor, etc. Try turning any devices off and see if it helps. If you find a device that is causing the interference, check if there is a newer software update for that device.

roaryw | 08. April 2018

I have just the opposite -- Iphone 7 -- latest OS ... people tell me that they can't even tell I'm driving when I talk to them -- better than my last car. Only issues I've had is the car rendering incorrect album art when running Amazon Music or having to press play from the screen instead of the phone with Amazon music

Vawlkus | 08. April 2018

Wonder if it’s in the 7 and X.

I know I haven’t had any troubles with my 6S+. | 09. April 2018

@roaryw - Wrong album art is an issue with the source, not Tesla. It just displays what the source provides. Many music services have occasional errors in album art here and there.

les | 23. April 2018

Can someone update me on the issue with the Apple watch and I Phone. I had issue recently with lost signal on location. And had to do two reboots, but started having problems with garbled voice quality, but not connectivity. Thought it was system reboot, but just also got new Apple Watch Series 3 and have I Phone X. Software on phone and watch are latest. Don't remember versions numbers late at night. Is there anything that can be done about this. New watch very convenient

SteveMost | 24. April 2018

I have not had any problems and have the iPhone X and Apple Watch3. MX since Sept ‘17, all latest software. | 24. April 2018

There have been bugs in the Apple watch/phone Bluetooth that caused garbled audio problems. I thought it had been fixed in the last few week (with an Apple update).

les | 24. April 2018

My problems did not start until about 2 weeks ago. I have the latest Apple update and it did not make a difference. I tried putting the watch in airplane mode and it did not solve the problem. Spoke with service today and they indicated that there was a known problem and they asked me to document the problem as to time and location and to send that information to them and they would then look into the car logs to see what they could find. The indication was that a team of engineers was looking into the problem. They did not think it was related to the new Apple Watch 3 or the cellular line on it but rather to the I Phone itself.

I will post again when something changes, but while it was previously intermittent. It was 3 for 3 today on calls in the car. No difference when I originated the call versus receiving the call. Better in some ways if the problem continues because it is easier to troubleshoot. I have had multiple Bluetooth devices connected to the phone concurrently before with no issues. And I did not have any issues for almost 6 months after car purchase. | 25. April 2018

@les - Thanks for the update. Sounds like Tesla has a bug related to some iPhones. It also could be Apple changed something in an iOS update, and now Tesla has to work around the change. Bluetooth is a bit of a mess, and sort of amazing it works as well as it does. There are a lot of bugs in hardware and the software stack that force developers to do all sorts of tricks to deal with all the issues. (I'm one of those developers who have to deal with all errors in various phones and software, but don't work for Tesla or Apple).

Vawlkus | 26. April 2018

My money is on Apple buggering something up. They did that constantly when I had my Mustang. Sometimes I could play music and makes calls, and sometimes I couldn’t. I eventually gave up and put my music on a thumb drive and played it from there.

t0mvik | 07. Mai 2020

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thetekz24 | 07. Mai 2020

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