Deleting an account from Tesla's website

Deleting an account from Tesla's website

Does someone know how to delete an account from the website of Tesla ?

sarat8 | 10. Juli 2018

Does someone know how to delete an account from the website of Tesla? Same Question did anyone find out this?

EVRider | 11. Juli 2018

Use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to contact Tesla and ask them to delete your account.

lilbean | 11. Juli 2018

The forum is like Hotel California.

lynette74 | 24. August 2018

Hi. I want to delete my account.

blue adept | 24. August 2018

"...You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...."

EVRider | 24. August 2018

@lynette74: See my previous comment.

skwarczek.konrad | 23. September 2018

Strange thing deleting evil facebook account was so much easier.

Roopan Suresh | 19. Februar 2019

I have another account

rafaelkudla88 | 22. Juli 2019

I have a new email

Xerogas | 23. Juli 2019

@rafaelkudla88: "I have a new email"

multiplymultipl... | 06. August 2019

turned in my AP1 X for a performance model 3. My X was leased in the few months they had the limited 60D and the non leather interior, so it was pretty affordable. I loved the car and the space was good with my young kids.

However my wife got a minivan and the kids grew so didn’t need car seats and I decided to buy a 3.

Some notes:

the interior is way more refined. The shifter, signal stock and such are nicer.

I prefer the center screen more than I thought I would. Way more ergonomic

the performance on the car is nuts. I am mostly in traffic on my commute but I get to the traffic jam efficiently.

-navigate on autopilot was flawless on a 25 mile commute including two interchanges. It only prompted me to take over right at the end of the off ramp.

All in all, after three years with the boat (Model X), it’s nice to have a nimble s

oabhidekhnahai | 06. August 2019

Should I buy an older Tesla?
I’m 21 and was just rear ended pretty hard by a drunk driver which totaled my car. I drove a Porsche Cayenne and loved it, but have always been a technological guy. I really admire Tesla’s and what they’re capable of, and have always wanted one.

However, my insurance just quoted a 2017-2018 at about $300 per month (for 10 months with Amica) for full coverage, and just for a reference, I’d be paying $500 a month if I was to finance through Tesla. That simply is just too much at my age.

With that said, it still would be my dream to get one of these cars, but I think I’d have to get something a bit older. Likely a Model S.

What is everyone’s opinion on this? Would it be worth it getting an older Model S, or should I settle for something else?

jimglas | 07. August 2019

buy a SR+
everything you need at a reasonable price. Probably cost less than an older Model S.

multiplymultipl... | 08. August 2019

Found a post on Tesla Motor Clubs with some good info for New Orleans. Sounds like the Service Center on Tchoup should be open by mid-September of this year! I drove by yesterday morning and didn't see much activity, but the garage door was open and there was a cherry picker/lift inside. Not sure how long it has actually looked that way (since it was originally announced a year ago) but the plans/permit work look pretty legit.


d5e8l4 | 22. Januar 2020

I want to Delete my account i Created by Mistake,
thank you Delfin Cruz

EVRider | 22. Januar 2020

@d5e8l4: Why do you want to delete your account if you're using it to post in these forums?

You have to contact Tesla to delete your account. These are user forums, Tesla can't help you here.

Maxxer | 26. Januar 2020

Drove a Porsche Cayenne at 21?
Time to switch to Tesla already!