Powerwall 2 grid input

Powerwall 2 grid input

Hi all,

Just a question for those in the know. Im looking at setting up a complete off grid system with 2x powerwall 2's. With the powerwall in full backup mode does it ever try to export to the grid?
Reason I ask, i'm looking at purchasing a pure sine wave inverter generator to act as the typical grid input as a backup for times in need.

2nd what charge rate will the powerwall's charge from the grid? eg if the house is using 1kw will it consume 4kw from the grid to speed the charge?


cwied | 25. April 2018

The powerwall cannot currently charge from a generator. See here:

The powerwall currently charges at 1.7 kW per Powerwall in backup mode. If you have solar and are in self-consumption mode, it will charge at up to 5 kW per Powerwall. Solar installations will not charge from the grid, though.

nathan_jasch | 26. April 2018

Thanks CW.

Well My Idea has been scraped anyway, The authorized installer in Australia is saying Telsa wont warrant a Powerwall installed off grid