120 Volt Adapter: Ground Pin Up Or Down

120 Volt Adapter: Ground Pin Up Or Down

(LMB spouse) Could someone who has a Model S 120 volt adapter (standard US socket a.k.a. NEMA 5-15R) tell me how the cord hangs when the wall socket is oriented with the (long round) ground pin below the two rectangular slots? We have already installed a NEMA 14-50R with the ground pin up, and I assume that the mobile adapter cord points down when plugged in. We'll be installing an alternate 120 volt socket for charge monitoring via an inexpensive Kill-A-Watt meter when the Model S is not driven heavily, and I would like the cord orientation to match. Thanks.

trydesky | 21. April 2013

The cord hangs down when the ground pin is on the bottom for the 120v adapter.

LMB | 23. April 2013

(LMB spouse) Thanks.

Brian H | 23. April 2013

Does it matter?