1st Taxi MS in Switzerland !

1st Taxi MS in Switzerland !

Nice to read such news, the MS is now used since one month by a Taxi company in Switzerland "SwissEcoTaxi".
Refer to the article below, in french ... sorry for that.
The first MS has been driven 4400 kms in its first month operation as taxi.
The background of this taxi company to use the MS is not only to promote environment friendly car but also the low operating costs. It specifically claims operating costs 5 times lower than usual cars.

According to this article more than 400 units MS have been delivered in Switzerland so far (overall).

Captain_Zap | 22. April 2014

That is great news.

Thank you for sharing.

Red Sage ca us | 22. April 2014


negarholger | 22. April 2014

Forward looking company - get operating experience with an MS so you have a head start when the MX which is ideal as a Taxi comes along.