2 quick questions from a new owner

2 quick questions from a new owner

1. If I make a call but don't have the phone app pulled up on the big screen, can I disconnect or hang up the call from the steering wheel controls?
2. Is the only way to unlock the car through the touch screen?

SamO | 12. Januar 2014

Answering 2 only:

You can unlock the car through
1. Key Fob
2. Phone App
3. Touch Screen

Mike_E | 12. Januar 2014

While in an active call, pushing the steering wheel button above the right hand scroll wheel (Voice Control Button) will bring up a submenu that includes "End Call".


Captain_Zap | 12. Januar 2014

Page 37 of the owners manual covers the phone options through the steering wheel. It is a good idea to take some time to play with it before you use it. The owners manual is accessible in the car and on your "My Tesla" page. I fumble my way through it only when I have to. | 13. Januar 2014

Another shortcut to unlocking the doors from inside is to go into Park. The handles will then extend.