500 Cars a Week

500 Cars a Week

Here is a video where Elon Musk states that they are delivering 500 cars per week.

SamO | 20. März 2013

Thanks for posting this. +1

sethvandermeer | 20. März 2013

This means they could almost do all European reservations in one-and-a-half month! (There are approx 3600 reservations, not sure how big the cancellation rate is) Why not next month? :-)

Brian H | 20. März 2013

That's including NA, too. It will be some time, I'd expect, till a significant fraction head to Europe.

martijn | 20. März 2013

Elon also stated that half (but then said 40%) of production will go to Europe, which is a serious "catching up" percentage.
And he repeated: EU-production will start in june en first deliveries in july
Why not next month? I guess they are not ready before june.
Assuming after sig-deliveries (july-aug) they will pump appr. 1.000 cars in to europe each month.
If that starts in september, it will not take that long for us anymore (my october forecast is getting more realistic by the day).

sethvandermeer | 20. März 2013

My comment was mainly hope of course, I know they won't start until June. But like Martijn says: if they push 1000 a month to Europe in July, August, September, than even I have hopes of a October/November delivery (p2853). I am really happy they are now producing at a rate of 2000 a month, over 20k a year. This means they can be profitable, and that is good for the stability of the company.

ArieK | 20. März 2013

@Martijn: could it be that the facility in Tilburg is not ready for the torrent of new cars coming in?
Would there be a way to figure out how far along the distribution centre is?

Whity Whiteman | 20. März 2013

I'm actually thinking about to drive to tilburg tomorrow and check out what's going on...investigative Tesla-Nerd...
140KM one way -)

jeroens | 20. März 2013

First question is whether the new charging hardware is ready yet and in production... | 20. März 2013

The timing may have a lot more to do with the a ton of regulations and approvals that are required in each country, and special designs to accommodate each countries "unique" requirements.

Hills | 20. März 2013

@whity Whiteman
Just curious, have you overcome your concerns such as price and garage?

jeroens | 20. März 2013

Some minor things that seem to be misquoted.

They are 'Delivering' 500 per week right now, does not have to mean they are producing 500 per week... (they might, but it seems the delivery numbers were lower than the production numbers over the last months, in any event we can not assume it is the same thing)

Second Elon stated on the European, Putting them on a ship in June (to arrive in July), so could be they are produced some time before than.

GeirT | 20. März 2013

@ jeroens

Same thing he said when he was in Oslo, june shipment, july delivery. I guess they'll do a combined production run with all the uniqueness that is required in Europe that Frank2 refers to. CE-labelling, special test and documents for approvals etc. Europe is riddled with bureaucratic peculiarities.

TikiMan | 20. März 2013

Starting to see a LOT of MS's on the roads now!

HWS | 21. März 2013

If a car is accepted in any EU-country, it will be accepted in all EU-countries. A few years ago I was told by Donkervoort, a Dutch car manufacturer, they were not able to get their cars approved in The Neteherlands. Germany on the other hand was not that difficult. Therefor they registered all manyfactured cars in Germany first and then imported them to The Netherlands again.