alignment - steering wheel alignment

alignment - steering wheel alignment

does anyone else have a steering wheel that is unaligned? in order to drive straight, the wheel needs to be way off to the right (too far), the car itself seems aligned, seems like it's the steering wheel itself that's off...

GeekEV | 20. März 2013

Mine is ever so slightly off. I've got a ranger coming out (possibly tomorrow) to check it out.

bfranks273 | 20. März 2013

There is another thread about a pair of rear tires destroyed quickly due to severe misalignment. The steering wheel might just be off, or one wheel might be misaligned compared to the other, causing pull and wear on the tires. Does the handling feel funny? Its easy to just recommend you have it corrected quickly. Maybe the factory has developed a weakness in this area. How long have you had it?

jchangyy | 20. März 2013

My steering wheel was off to the right. alignment was fine--driving on a flat surface.

took it to the freemont service and they fixed it. looks and works fine now.

Hills | 20. März 2013

no problem

ian | 21. März 2013

My last car came this way too. After a couple years I got an alignment and it was straightened.. As others have said it's probably fine but keep an eye on tire wear to make sure the wheel alignment isn't off. It is anoying though so I would have it fixed personally.


GeekEV | 22. März 2013

I had a ranger out today to look at this (and other issues). He tested it and found the alignment to be fine. He also adjusted the center "trim" position of the steering wheel.

He told me an interesting factoid too. I'm not sure if this is true for all cars or just Tesla, but he said that it was actually normal for the car to drift slightly to the right. Apparently they're designed that way so that if you fall sleep at the wheel you'll drift off into the shoulder instead of into oncoming traffic. I never knew that, but it makes sense.

They only consider it a "pull" (as opposed to a "drift") if you have to actively fight the wheel to maintain center.

sometimelater | 22. März 2013

thanks for the replies.. ranger service, wow!
wish we had that option here in LA.
the car is a week old. not driving until it's fixed..

sometimelater | 22. März 2013

it is normal for a car to slightly be off also because of the curvature of the road, which they factor in.. this badboy however, is way off. unfortunately this is common with lots of new cars. the only real frustration is not being albe to get it fixed in a timely fashion. it's a long wait, and a complete drag to have to spend almost a full day (wasted) getting it fixed. i never could understand this important detail being overlooked before delivery on any really expensive product. guitars are the same way, even really expensive guitars usually need "alignment" work when they're brand new.

jinglehyme | 22. März 2013

Yes - Mine is just a 1/4 of an inch or so to the left of center. Gonna get that looked at. Also - Just plopped my 1900 bucks down on the service contract. It's still adding up! 5000 miles in - still very happy overall.

Chris - LA does have rangers. They came to me in Pasadena.

jat | 22. März 2013

@sometimelater - if it is just the steering wheel turned yet the car is in alignment and steers properly, I am not sure why you can't drive it until it is fixed.

scriptacus | 22. März 2013

@jinglehyme - he probably means Louisiana

ironmikeii | 11. September 2013

My car is one week old, and it was ever so slilght on delivery (steering wheel to the right). Car tracks straight, doesn't pull on acceleration or bracking, so looks like steering wheel trim is off. Odd thing is, it got progressively worse over a one week period (about 500 miles of driving).

I wish they could push this fix through the 3G connection.

JPPTM | 11. September 2013

Mine was misaligned at delivery in May..once I got around to it I got an appointment in Fremont and they did a full alignment and realigned the steering wheel.

dborn | 11. September 2013

Seems like quality control at the factory leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe Elon needs to start walking the line again when he is done with the latest rocket launch!!

randrewwhite | 14. September 2013

I have this same delivery, it drove straight -- maybe there was a slight pull to the right if its by design but it was so faint i didn't even realize it -- then a few weeks ago (about 6 weeks after delivery) it started really pulling to the right.

I've had two visits with the service center...both visits re-aligned the wheels...its now worse than before--it really pulls right...I hope there is a fix b/c it takes a lot of the fun out of driving when you are drifting heavily to the right constantly...