Amateur Radio Operators

Amateur Radio Operators

Has anyone attempted to install a Amateur Radio transmitter in the MS? Corp. tells me it can't be done for this reason. The battery we are all familiar with from our prior ICE vehicles is considerable bigger than the one installed in the MS, which they state is about the size of a motorcycle battery, and can not support the demands of an Amateur Radio transmitter. Comments welcome.

MS TBD = December 2013.

kk7p | 18. Oktober 2013

I think it depends a lot on what sort of power the transceiver has, on which bands and modes you intend to operate, and where the mobile antenna(s) were to be placed.

A 25 to 35 watt 2m/70cm FM rig would like work OK from the smaller battery, as would a low power HF radio (like the Elecraft KX3).

A problem with an HF rig, though, is likely to be serious electrical noise from the Tesla's propulsion system, and to a lesser extent from the various electronics in the car, getting into the receiver.

Finally, unless Tesla was pretty careful, there is always the possibility of transmitter energy getting into the electronics via the wiring harnesses with perhaps unpredictable results. If you operated on 6 meters, for example, and if the TPMS is operating on 49 MHz. Or if you are operating on 70cm and the charge port cover is listening on 400 MHz. You get the idea.

Might be worth an inquiry to Tesla regarding the testing they have performed to verify the Model S's immunity to RFI.

I plan to sweep my P85 with a spectrum analyzer when I get it next month and see how it looks in terms of radiated EMI/RFI.

If it looks clean, I *may* try subjecting it to a transmitter RF field on MF, HF and VHF. Or not!

CA_Kid | 19. Oktober 2013

The radio in my current ICE is an: ICOM IC-208H 55W dual band VHF/UHF FM Transceiver.

MS TBD = December 2013

jeffsstuff | 19. Oktober 2013

I haven't been active in years (just lost interest) but I would have to agree with kk7p4dsp said. I'd be more worried about what interference you would cause to the car's electronics. You really don't want to transmit and have the car's motor stop turning for instance (or worse, shift into reverse! However unlikely that is, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When you use your spectrum analyzer, please share the results. That would be very interesting.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19. Oktober 2013

Put a larger 12 volt in the Frunk and trickle charge it. Would be interesting to know the output of the onboard twelve volt charger.