Any MS owners in Richmond, VA area?

Any MS owners in Richmond, VA area?

Looking for that needle in the hay stack. You know who you are. Black MS driving up Huguenot Road in the morning. I'm in the poor, old 3-series that needs to get upgraded to a Tesla. It's a certainty you don't notice my car. I notice you almost every morning. You may be the only Tesla owner in Richmond!

Would love to get coffee to talk about your experience. Thinking about a springtime decision, so no rush. Just reply to this and we can connect...

craigcmorris | 13. November 2013

I have a gray one in Short Pump and am happy to discuss.

DTsea | 13. November 2013

really? lots and lots in Seattle. My son declared the car 'common' and no longer takes pictures for his collection.

hsctiger93 | 13. November 2013

craig, I'll shoot you an email. Thanks!

hsctiger93 | 13. November 2013

DTsea, I wish Richmond were as inundated as Seattle. Alas, I think most folks on the west coast knew about TMC long before us east coasters did...

We're trying to catch up though!

DTsea | 13. November 2013

well our power is cheap, that helps. Hydro and wind, mostly.

DTsea | 13. November 2013

plus WA doesn't charge sales tax (9.5%) on electric cars.

ferrari308driver | 13. November 2013

We have a red one in Fredericksburg, just up the road. Look up Dominion Power's EV plan and if you're like me, you'll average 1.99 cents per mile for energy cost. Not that that will justify the purchase price, but once you have the car it is very cheap to drive.

bfranks273 | 13. November 2013

I'm in NoVA but my brother is in Richmond, just off the Huguenot bridge in fact. He put in a 14-50 to lure me down. Maybe can catch up with you on next trip down. Seen the SuperCharger up in Glen Allen?

hsctiger93 | 14. November 2013

bfranks, thanks for the offer.

I met up with the gentleman who posted he had one in Short Pump. Thanks for all the great information Craig!

I have only seen pics of the super charger out by VA Center Commons mall. I assume it's within walking distance of some restaurants or something.

The local newsrag actually had the ribbon cutting ceremony on the front page of their website when it opened.

Still aiming for a springtime decision, assuming the current car does not croak once and for all...

dlewis | 15. November 2013

There are 6 or 8 in Richmond I think. I have one of the black ones, but usually am in downtown or the eastern side of the city.

nctd2013 | 01. Mai 2014

hsctiger93 - Did you buy?

Another grey arrived in the shortpump area in early February... I've absolutely enjoyed every bit of 40000 miles since - including the great Dominion rates and east coast supercharging stations. Have only seen Craig's in Innsbrook... but dozens during my travels!

nctd2013 | 01. Mai 2014

Typo... that's 4,000 miles.