Anyone have the " Brown" exterior?

Anyone have the " Brown" exterior?


info | 11. Juli 2013

Up until a month ago, the thought of owning a brown car was laughable. I was at the Supercharging station in Hawthorne and a new brown S came in on a sunny day. It had tan leather and was stunning. I haven't seen it at night or on a cloudy day, but in the bright sunshine, it's beautiful.

mumanoff | 11. Juli 2013

Thank you....was that Hawthorne NJ ? | 11. Juli 2013

YES, and I still love it and get it again!

Chunky Jr. | 11. Juli 2013

I saw one recently for the first time and it looked way better than I thought it would.

cfOH | 11. Juli 2013

I saw a brown at the SC in Chicago a couple weeks ago and it was surprisingly gorgeous. I even commented to the Tesla rep -- "Wow, that's way prettier than I thought brown would be!" were my words exactly. It's not my cup of tea, but it's an attractive, very "executive" grown-up color (unlike Franz's electric blue S).

fuellss | 11. Juli 2013

I saw one with black interior being picked up at the factory, when we were picking up...I loved it! So rich looking, really stood out among the whites and black S's..I have never seen another on the road..Now that I think about it, I don't see many brown cars at all..The flake in the paint was gorgeous!

fuellss | 11. Juli 2013

Also, when on the tour someone asked what color is the least ordered...the Rep said "we don't see many browns" I like that fact...

Byong | 11. Juli 2013

Brown 40 here, wonder if I'm a one off.. :) collector's item maybe since they are not taking any more orders for 40's?

pebell | 11. Juli 2013

I ordered mine in brown (due November). In the Netherlands, I see many new brown cars making their way onto our streets in the last few months. BMW has a new brown that is a bit paler than the MS, and becoming quite popular here. Renault has a very dark brown, almost black, seeing a lot of that too. Several other brands as well.

It feels a bit like a decade ago when the "Dubai look" became popular and suddenly you started seeing high end luxury cars in white, where before that color seemed strictly reserved for workvans and tiny "shopping cars".

Not that it matters much to me, I have always liked "oddball" colors (had a pale baby-blue Alfa Romeo 156 once, loved it). I think the MS looks great in brown, "trés chique".

rallykeeper | 11. Juli 2013

I've driven a brown and tan S in Southern California for more than 6 months. I've seen a lot of other Ses on the road, but until last week had never seen a Brown one.

While I do get a lot of suspicious "what color is that" questions, I really like it (sunny or not).

FWIW, I've never seen a green one either and have only seen a few blues. It's almost all white, black, red, silver and grey around here.

exPGAhacker | 11. Juli 2013

I have seen both a brown one and a green one in Newport Beach. They both looked nice. My gf sent me a pic from South Coast Plaza yesterday of an iridescent orange. Not my cup of tea but she said it looked hot! Trying to find out if she was talking about the car or the owner. Hmmm...

If I knew how to post a pic, I'd send it along.

teslaisfuture | 11. Juli 2013

I own a brown and I love it. I saw it at the Dallas test drive and I like it better than the gray which is what I had in-mind originally. So far I have only seen it in black, white, and many, many red but never the brown (just make it more unique).

Robert Hodgen | 11. Juli 2013

We ordered a brown MS, just got the VIN number. I've seen 2 brown Teslas in person. Didn't want to have another white, black, or gray like every other car on the road. Very excited about the car and the color.

mumanoff | 11. Juli 2013

Getting mine with tan and gloss obeche

NKYTA | 11. Juli 2013

Just saw my third brown in the last 3 months yesterday - and this is in the Tesla-saturated Bay Area. While brown is not to my taste (for just about anything - I shudder at all the brown corduroy pants of my youth), it sure is a pretty brown.

georgevet | 11. Juli 2013

I've had my Brown 40kWh car for about 6 weeks now (respect to @Byong). The color is gorgeous, pretty rare and I love it. I have received many compliments on the color. They think it is a fancy color name like mocha. I just say no, it is brown :)

Made my decision November of 2012 when my wife and I visited the San Jose design center. The individual working that day told me that she overheard Franz say "Brown is the new Black". That put me over the top.

Have yet to see another Brown in Atlanta.

B_flat | 11. Juli 2013

I have the brown with tan interior. I (obviously) love it and have gotten plenty of compliments on my choices. It is a VERY good-looking brown.

David70 | 11. Juli 2013

I ordered the metallic brown unseen, except for the samples in the Seattle store. However, I had seen Roblab's custom brown (one of the few custom paint jobs Tesla did. I liked that, even though I hadn't seen it in full sunlight. It was overcast on the day he showed it to me.
I love the color, and a number of people have commented on how much they liked it.

AaronB | 11. Juli 2013

We have had our brown/tan since December and love it! I wasn't sure I would like it, but my wife really thought it would look great. Was a hard choice since we couldn't see it in person before we ordered, but I would definitely get brown again. Looks great with the grey 21s and nice tinting.

Byong | 11. Juli 2013

@georgevet- Excellent, another Brown'40 owner! So I guess we're not one of a kind, but I'll bet we are very rare... :)

blakewpalmer | 11. Juli 2013

love my brown and tan going on 8 months ... most people comment that it looks "bronze" especially in the sun.. I think next to the sig red it is the most dynamic color

sxross | 11. Juli 2013

Have a brown P85 and love it. We get lots of complements on the color. Haven't seen any others in North SD area. Just blacks, whites and a couple of reds and blues.

Brian H | 12. Juli 2013

At a local new owner's pick-up event in May, I saw 2 browns in for service in Vancouver, BC, along with (IIRC) a blue an a green and black. His was across the lot, red, with some blacks and a pearl. The browns were "deep" and rich. I spent most time in the shop admiring them before getting the MC Red into the sun.

I wonder what the effect would have been if the campaign to get TM to add Saddle to the leather options had succeeded.

wolfpv | 12. Juli 2013

I've replaced my dark metallic brown Audi A8 with the brown T85, Tan interior. I get a lot of compliments, and have yet to see another one on the road (here in the Bay Area I often see other Teslas close by on the freeway - yesterday I was in a parade of four on 280).

I love the brown, but would have preferred a "real" tan or light brown interior, rather than the off-white that they call tan. Incidentally, brown usually drops the resale value of a car by a hundred bucks or so from the regular book value. No accounting for taste.

mrspaghetti | 12. Juli 2013

Saw one at the showroom at the Galleria in Houston and it was very nice. I am pretty sure they could paint the Model S any color and it would be beautiful.

EDH AL | 12. Juli 2013

Received our metallic brown, tan interior, P85 on 12/30/12. More gorgeous than we expected and still is. Gets tons of compliments. Couldn't be happier with the choice.

Sailor | 12. Juli 2013

I ordered the brown exterior after seeing it at the Tesla gallery in Toronto....due in August.
They did not have the car there but I pieced it together with the textures they have at the store. Walked outside to see it in the sun and was really impressed. Oh yeah, my wife thought it was unique and cool too, not that that had any influence.

artman | 12. Juli 2013

I'll have the brown on 7/26. I've never seen one in person, but after having one of the variations of grey that a number of cars have around here I decided I wanted something different. I've seen many pictures and just like the blue and green, it's really dark out of the sun and really changes to a different color in the sun.

Brian10 | 12. Juli 2013

Please don't order your Model S in brown. I like the fact that most people don't get this color which leave me looking a bit unique from the other Teslas out there. I finalized my order in Brown before I was able to ever see an actual Model S in Brown. I must admit, when people comment on my car, they usually also add that they love the color. But really, it's not that great so don't order it!

Brian H | 12. Juli 2013

Seems to invite caressing. Luscious.

surfer54 | 12. Juli 2013

No more Brown those of us innovative enough to buy Brown deserve to stay a minority. Got my P85 in brown with black leather and red striping June 7th. Get lots of looks and positive feed back on the appearance .

stuberman | 12. Juli 2013

I second Brian10. I love my brown, which would more accurately be described as bronze. But, please don't order it. I really appreciate all the people who come up to me and say that they haven't seen that color before, but that they love it and that it is their favorite Model S color. I know of at least three people who decided to order brown after seeing my car. Please don't make it four.

Sailor | 12. Juli 2013

Too late.....

Brian H | 12. Juli 2013

Brown nosing can't be stopped. It just comes naturally to some.

KendallPB | 13. Juli 2013

I have a brown 85 and love it. I've gotten compliments on the color. I like that it's an uncommon color, but I don't mind you ordering it. ;-)

JPPTM | 14. Juli 2013

I'm not into brown cars, but I saw a couple at Teslive and they are handsome.

gill_sans | 18. Juli 2013

We're trying to decide between brown and white for our S85. On the one hand, Model S looks crisp, sporty and utilitarian (in a good way) in white. On the other, we see white Model Ses everywhere, and the Tesla brown lookx really beautiful with those gold flecks.

Anyone out there notice your brown Model S shifting color at all over the past year? I've seen a lot of brown (non-Tesla) cars go sort of pinkish over time--not a good look.

Alex K | 19. Juli 2013

@gill_sans | JULY 18, 2013: Anyone out there notice your brown Model S shifting color at all over the past year? I've seen a lot of brown (non-Tesla) cars go sort of pinkish over time--not a good look.

We've had the brown for about 7 months. The color has been the same since day 1:

Brad Holt | 19. Juli 2013

I've got one here in Dallas and I love it! Only positive comments so far on the color (since Feb). I actually love how rare it is too. To my knowledge there are only 1 or 2 others in North Texas!

gill_sans | 19. Juli 2013

@Alex K, thanks for the before and now photos. Hard to tell from less than a year's time how the color's going to hold up, but it's good to have those data points nonetheless.

I drove to a farther Tesla showroom today just to look at a brown this afternoon, and dang if it wasn't saying to me, "You know I'm your car." :P Funny when you get that familiar feeling about something or someone you've never seen before. Maybe I'm just a sucker for European chocolate, ha ha.

jdb | 19. Juli 2013

As owner of Signature Red Model S with early order in for Model X, hope that the Model X has brown, really like that color.

mdcarreon | 01. September 2013

I have been patiently waiting (or at least trying to) for my brown MS to arrive. With 3 weeks left to go, I was starting to have doubts about my choice. After reading all the positive feedback from your posts, it helps reinforce my decision. Can't wait to see my new baby arrive, or as my brother describes it, my "sexy brown b@#ch"--lol :-)

Robert Hodgen | 01. September 2013

We've had our Brown S85 for a week and a half, we love the color.

You won't regret it.

SUN 2 DRV | 01. September 2013

If you're at all inclined to get a brown car, you'll totally love the Tesla Brown. It's rich and deep, warm and classy. Almost makes you want to cuddle up in it with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

I've seen it with either the Cream or Black interiors. Cream makes it warm and inviting, black gives it a strong executive feel. Overall, it's one of the best Tesla colors...

Brian H | 01. September 2013

Yes, it invites caressing, like a pet grizzly.

krissu | 02. September 2013

I have a 911 Targa from 2008, macademia brown and inside cocoa full leather. It was like a win at the lottery finding it used with silly price. The seller said that everybody wanted black or grey, too hard to sell. It was one owner, an italian, real style. After 50 000 miles it looked as new and inside still the smell of new leather, just unbelievable! What I shall never buy is grey, it's not color, it's shade. I like people who stand out from crowd, like Elon. Unfortunately S comes only very limited colors inside, hopefully one day you can order it like you want. Everybody with brown S, you have the best taste and style! Tan interior goes then without saying!

david.baird | 18. November 2013

Glad to have found this BROWN MS love-in thread. Just about to order and I'm 99% certain to go for brown with the black leather inside. I think the darker colours bring out the lines of the car better.

I saw a silver one in the dealership today and the glossy finish was immaculate - smooth, deep, glossy, silky and simmering. The sales guy told me that the brown was identical paint with different tint.

Looks much darker on the design studio than the web photos, I suspect it's somewhere between the two, right?

I'm going with the standard 19" wheels, but I do think it looks beautiful with the grey 21"...


gill_sans | 18. November 2013

Like the blue and the green, the brown looks close to black in low light. In sunlight, though, the metallics pop and shimmer. People ask what color our car is and look sort of surprised when we say simply, "Brown." We have black interior.

david.baird | 19. November 2013

Well, those nice people at Tesla called me this evening to say there's a brown car pending client delivery in the Brussels Service Centre that I can go and see to confirm my choice. I'll report back tomorrow evening.

hamer | 19. November 2013

Mine is only brown after a dust storm