Arizona tax

Arizona tax

Can anyone tell me how much tax they paid for an AZ purchase of their Model S?

rickemishler | 01. Februar 2013

What I have seen on one of the forums

is just the 6.5% AZ sales tax. Apparently, city taxes are not applicable.

gibren | 02. Februar 2013

Thanks for the info.

swhardy | 03. Februar 2013

I think it depends on the city. I know Scottsdale will hit you up for a 'use tax' of 1.45%. I have purchased a couple of vehicles from out of state dealers and both times I received a letter from the City of Scottsdale a month or two after registering with the MVD requesting that I pay this. Go to and click on the 'Use Tax' link. I don't see any exceptions listed for EVs but there very well might be. I'd be curious to hear from others in AZ who have had their cars for more than a couple of months.