Birds hitting the car

Birds hitting the car

I have not seen this topic ( I volkerized it), so I aplogize if this has been posted elsewhere.
I have only had my car for a week and this morning was really the first time I drove on a quiet two lane road. Two birds hit my car within a mile of each other. I am wondering if birds rely on sound to avoid cars. Anybody else experience this or was this just not unusual.

Bighorn | 04. Oktober 2015

Can they spell, too?

NKYTA | 04. Oktober 2015

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Bighorn | 04. Oktober 2015

I thought the red letters were for when you were quoting me:)

NKYTA | 04. Oktober 2015

Gah. Can't keep up, some of us have schedules ;-),..but I'm nominating you forum spelling checking from now on, you are the perfect fit. ;-)

Bighorn | 04. Oktober 2015

I resemble that remark If elected, I will not serve.

NKYTA | 04. Oktober 2015


TC56 | 05. Oktober 2015

In the UK we get a large number of "game" birds dead on the road. They usually have ovloV stamped on their heads. I'm told it's usually the males who are trying to protect their territory. Trying to protect against a car or truck is a bit daft, but they are bird-brains.

Ross1 | 05. Oktober 2015

There are 2 solutions:

1; Get an after-market custom shop to provide a wire netting cage over your MS and partic over the big MX screen. For aesthetics this could look like a shipping container made from bird cage wire. You drive in - drive out in your driveway. Simple.

2: Alternatively wrap the car or at least the windscreen of your MS and MX with continuous strips of duct tape 2" apart. (so you can still see through) For the faint hearted slip into autonomous drive mode... This will both provide protection so your screen doesn't break, and provide the birds a visual barrier so they don't bomb into you. Also it will stop broken glass entering the cockpit.

3: If you can't fix it with duct tape you can't fix it.

douglasstuckey | 05. Oktober 2015

Not long after getting my S85 in May this year we were driving at about 50 kilometers per hour on a quiet back country road and came across a group of ducks and ducklings walking on the road.
I slowed down to let them pass and if I had not stopped quickly, would have run over them.
Could only be the lack of ICE car noise in my opinion.
We also lose many birds into our house Windows which have reflective film to reduce heat and glare.
LOVE MY TESLA - ( ducks, maybe not)