Body Armor line of dread.......

Body Armor line of dread.......

I took delivery of my Red S+ yesterday and of course looked for and found the line of demarcation between the protected and non-protected area of the hood.

I am looking for an innovative fix and does not involved taking off the existing armor. Anyone find a solution to this silly glitch? How about protecting the whole hood?

nickjhowe | 30. Juli 2013

Yup, you can protect the whole hood (that's what I did) but your installer will remove the existing film on the hood first. No big issue.

TommyBoy | 30. Juli 2013

Except for the fact that you paid $1000 to have it there in the first place!

skulleyb | 30. Juli 2013

After market is way better and the xpel doesn't leave exacerbate orange peel look like tesla's does.

Vicelike | 30. Juli 2013

Just heard back from Tesla Service guy. They found an after market guy who will take off the old and put on total hood protection for an extra $450, which leave me with total hood protected for $1400 and no line.

I am inclined to accept that offer and go forward.

Vicelike | 07. August 2013

Got that fix yesterday and it looks great.

I think Tesla ought to offer the body armour in a full hood protection version either as a substitute for the current configuration or as a upgrade to the current one.

Jewsh | 07. August 2013

I wish I had gotten the protection... I have three small chips already. Hope your whole hood protection works out though.

dubaty | 07. August 2013

Sounds like a decent deal. I opted for the after market front end Expel cover. Looks great. By that, I mean I can't see it.

Vicelike | 07. August 2013


Exactly what I mean too. How much did the Expel cover cost if you don't mind sharing that detail?