I'd like to hear some other opinions.
To me, this forum sure has stopped being fun.
There is really no significant news, no excitement.
Just resignation about the delays.

vandacca | 26. August 2015

The Boring threads don't help either. ;-)

johnse | 26. August 2015

Make the post you want to see :P | 26. August 2015

@Lubdub: we will refer your suggestion to the committee that prepares the agenda for the Forum fun subcommittee, next meeting subject to the scheduling committee output from their next meeting, date to be determined. I hope you find this prompt response to your post to be satisfactory.

vperl | 26. August 2015


Buy a KIW

Roamer@AZ USA | 26. August 2015

The excitement died off months ago.

rdalcanto | 26. August 2015

The excitement will pick up..., soon....

aljjr2 | 26. August 2015

@rdalcanto... Is that real "soon" or Tesla "soon". There is a BIG difference, I don't want to celebrate too early.

johnse | 26. August 2015

Back in the early '80s, Science Fiction author and BYTE Magazine columnist Dr. Jerry Pournelle started using Real Soon NowTM to talk about products that had been announced but were not available...

This is not a new issue in the tech industry :)

PS: hoping that formatting worked the way I am expecting :)

johnse | 26. August 2015

Nope... the <sup> tag doesn't actually superscript things :(
Real Soon Now(tm)

ernie | 26. August 2015

Has this become a vortex of boring? If so, maybe the title of the thread should be "bortex". I certainly hope that the ad hoc Committee for Threads which used to be a "sub committee" but has become of such import that it now will be able to communicate timely with the aforementioned "Scheduling Committee".

There is now a new ad hoc committee which is meeting daily to decide if threads will even be allowed to be used so prolifically due to the current shortage of thread from China. However, they never get a quorum due to another ad hoc committee which is trying to decide what ad hoc means. Some think it has to do with a cooking recipe and includes several typos, and that the title should have been "add hock". Speculation abounds.

sbeggs | 26. August 2015


Paul Carter | 26. August 2015

@vperl how much are Kluth Imperial Warships these days? :) | 28. August 2015

@ernie: what an imagination! Add hock, indeed. In a pig's eye. That committee smells of pork barrel. | 28. August 2015

Or maybe the OP misspelled "boaring".

ernie | 28. August 2015

@george….I had to stop before I went over the top. The next day my credit card was flagged at Home Depot where I was buying some lumber and fence posts. There was some mumbling between “Associates” in the lumber section about the shortage of posts. One scowling aproned Associate mentioned the indiscriminate use of posts on web sites such as those frequented by Tesla owners and or would / will be owners who are using posts with abandon.

The words “excessive, redundant, profligate, whining” were fairly clear now that I have my new Siemens hearing aids which I can turn up and direct where the sound can be amplified from [OK so I ended with a preposition]. You have heard about eyes in the back of your head…these babies let me hear what is behind me [when needed in Home Depot for instance] and will amplify less from the front and sides if desired. Beware the old gray haired geezer in shorts and hearing aids [grey haired for you from the UK and Down Under types]. I did not ring the brass bell at the exit after the post episode.

I am getting questions daily from people who are beginning to wonder if I am really getting a new car. It is difficult coming up with a new story. The old line is getting SO BORING…that I just might go BOERING to bag a wild hog. Imagine the hocks…actually we could smoke the whole boar if we could get someone to go get some palm leaves…I will furnish the rocks, apple wood and pit.

sbeggs | 29. August 2015

Keep it coming!

jjs | 29. August 2015

@ernie I'll bring my appetite. :)

ian | 29. August 2015

I have a hankering for BBQ pork and I don't know why. ;-)

This is highly entertaining! Keep it up. Your making this X wait kinda fun.

ernie | 29. August 2015

Another reason for the seemingly interminably long delay of MX production has been an unusual short supply of aluminum. It seems that much of the available supply was siphoned off the market to Coors beer and other brewers of adult beverages. It was recently stated that Model X Reservation Holders are spending so much time in front of their computers that they get thirsty and are consuming copious quantities of beer out of aluminum containers...mind numbing brew [and are NOT RECYCLING].

Some psychiatrists are calling this action Syndrome MX and are seeking to fund a study to see if there is a sublimation effect here. Hypothesis: the act of numbing the mind with brew is preventing carnage at the nearest Gallery showing the MS with a blank aluminum chassis guarded by non-insiders of true release dates...thereby sublimating these urges into beer consumption.

The next time you go to such a gallery, surreptitiously slide your hand under the side rail and you will find that they have been hollowed out to provide more aluminum for production. At this point I must acknowledge that those who give full or partial allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would quibble that the correct spelling should be “al you minium”. My apologies.
There exists a picture of Elon contemplating this frustrating situation as evidenced if you follow this hyperlink.

Now since Elon is resourceful, he has made it a personal mission to find whatever scraps of the missing metal (Al…so named because it was discovered by a guy named Al). No apologies to Hans Christian Ørsted who foisted the discovery as being his own on the public after looking at Al’s notes. It was indeed an unlucky quiet Friday when politicians and others seeking to obfuscate the truth issue press releases. Coincidentally, and unluckily for Al, it was Friday the 13th, hence its place on the atomic table. As a gentle poke in the eye, Mr. Hans etc. agreed to at least call it Al.

A photograph depicting the extent to which Elon looks for the undersupplied metal even when at the factory.

All of this scrap hunting has indeed sapped the energies of Elon. After a night of aluminum can hunting Elon showed up for work.

Further pictures show Elon at a press conference discussing the possibility of melting down the Prototype T 1000 Terminator and the T 1001 Terminator to procure more raw material. There is serious concern on the part of Arnold S. who has vowed to not let that happen precipitating a secret meeting between The Arnold and Elon…after which Arnold quite convincingly promised that if either of these movie models were to be missing he “would be…etc.”

It appears that Arnold and Elon have worked things out.

I am hopeful that when they finally manufacture the frames that the important substructure will not be “bored” out to both save weight to get the MX to perform the 0 – 60 at 2.8 and to make further frames. Yawn…time to check the Reservation Page.

@ian State deliveries to "Founders" do not count as being eligible for the hog fest...just the first Signature or other non-insiders count. Just so the rest of you know, we Washingtonians even the "Warshingtonians" on the east side will be invited to a free pulled pork BBQ with me cooking [after the first MX delivery in the state]. | 29. August 2015

@ian: See what happens when you encourage him? August will be over shortly, thank goodness. Then we will be getting down to the short strokes.

ernie | 29. August 2015

@geo........."down to the short strokes". I am 99.999% certain [to a 5 log certainty] that you are referring to golf or painting. However, there is the slight possibility that I could be wrong. In any case, since I am done you can stick a fork in me. At least 2016 will start out nice with a probable Jan / Feb delivery. | 29. August 2015

@ernie: "short strokes" refer to the finely tuned production robot movements to weld the pieces of the X together. The Model X is being built as we post. Nothing boring about that. I probably won't get mine til about March but I am thoroughly enjoying driving Whitey, my Model S. It is a fabulous car. Not perfect but better than I had expected. There is something magical about the smooth, effortless acceleration and the alarming jolt of speed when needed. Regenerative braking works really well. I hardly ever have to use the brakes. I'm thinking that the X will be as good or better with the benefit of added experience and engineering fine tuning.

paradis | 29. August 2015

@George - What's your reservation #?

Lubdub | 29. August 2015

Great. I was bored waiting, that is why I started the thread.
Now I am mildly less bored as I read these banterings.
Let us just hope this darned car comes soon. Otherwise, I will have to start some more useless threads. Keep it coming folks.

ian | 29. August 2015

Good god that was hilarious ernie! Had me ROTFLMAO! ;-)

I know we've talked about this but I hope to make it to your pulled bore (Or is it boar? Damn. I forget.) party. With a reservation in the 3900's I doubt I'll be the first in Warshingtin but likely in the first hundred or so.

ernie | 30. August 2015

@George...I knew what you meant...however, could not resist pulling your chain. You bit nicely. Power out here in the Pacific Northwest. Generator came on faithfully but internet down. Root balls 16' across blown down with wind gusts probably 55 mph or so.

ernie | 30. August 2015 will beat me by 2 months maybe more. Twill be nice for you...I am 4500 or so behind you.

Geo...I left out and unsaid the ribald slang version...trying to leave that to the imagination. | 30. August 2015

My number is in the low 9000s. I have a ways to go. If they squeak out 4000 this year and ramp to 800 a week, I should get one somewhere towards the end of 1Q16, taking into account demos, founders, U.S. Sigs., Int'l. Sigs, and people ahead of me in line.

@Lubdub: Aren't you proud for initiating the most interesting thread in the forum?

To make it even more interesting, I will now relate a fascinating experience that I had with wind in the Pacific Northwest. Zzzzzzzzz

ernie | 30. August 2015


Allow me to say that the wind was a steady, unceasing 55+ mph starting at 10 AM. At noon at a truck stop on the way back to Portland overheard a truck driver calling his wife on a pay phone saying,"Cook dinner now, honey, the power will be out in Portland tonight." Yikes, I thought, these people can predict power outages hours ahead. Turns out Portland is loaded with mature, giant Douglas firs with shallow roots due to high water table. Crash, bang, big trees blew over and sure enough power was put all over Portland. I vote for buried utilities and a Tesla to retreat to when the power goes kaflooey. (Technical term) | 30. August 2015

Out all over Portland. | 30. August 2015

@Lubdub: was that exciting enough?

ernie | 30. August 2015

@geo...we be prescient here due to the rather predictable supply of storms heading usually in from the north Pacific with little resistance provided by ocean waves. We often get hurricane force winds on the coast and mountains. We don't want to go into detail zzzzz but the Olympic mountains control a lot of what happens to the rest of Puget Sound. Don't like the weather, drive 2-3 miles and it will be different.

So you were trolling our drought plagued NW...well we also got dumped on with some badly needed rain. Worse than the Doug fir are the hemlock and even cottonwood trees if near wetlands. No deep tap roots. If the trees don't have to work they die early...lesson here? Yawn. Did you use either the Centralia or Burlington Superchargers? | 30. August 2015

@ernie: the pay phone was the clue. This happened in 19 ought 72...

Lubdub | 30. August 2015

yes very proud. A boring time turned into fun

BTW our numbers are very close mine is 9,1xx

eric.zucker | 31. August 2015

How do the European/Asian/US sequence number merge? I assume they'll produce bunches of Euro-MX's whenever they have transport capacity over the pond.

Was sort of hoping for a Xmas present with the planned MX production ramp-up to 800/week in Q3, but I'll be happy for a birthday one. May 8th.

I'm at 3276, and was told Q1'16. | 31. August 2015

@eric: They will be doing well to be turning out 800/week in December. Your 1Q estimate tells the tale. If they can build 15,000 or more in the 26 weeks of 4Q15 and 1Q16, then we will both get our wish.

@Lubdub: Your number is about 1 day ahead of mine but @ken got me onto the waiting list for Signature models. If enough people expire or recant, I might sneak ahead of you.:-))

ken | 31. August 2015

Not boring now folks.

Lubdub | 02. September 2015

not boring anymore