Can you spare seven bucks?

Can you spare seven bucks?

I wouid like to see the following link promoted on facebook.

If every member of this forum posted up a mere $6.99 and promoted this link on facebook, I believe we could get the word out.

Timo | 08. Juni 2013

Flagged as spam. Not sure if it was, but without better explanation I sure sounds like one.

SamO | 08. Juni 2013

This is an article about how the states should allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers on Seeking Alpha.

Not spam . . . technically.

Timo | 08. Juni 2013

Seems that I sound like spam. Or I made a typo again. Brian H can decide.

jackl1956 | 08. Juni 2013

I advocate the beliefs and tenets of Tesla Motors. I should say that I own stock and that I am long on Tesla. With that disclosure, I am particularly interested Tesla's retail sales approach. I have long held in distain the sales tactics of the typical American car dealership. I don't like car salesman.
I am actively and deliberately doing all that I can to promote Tesla's sales paradigm.

I have always felt less is more. Is this enough?