Car Sales (Non-Tesla): Europe --- Stats

Car Sales (Non-Tesla): Europe --- Stats

Article in Bloomberg Today:


"European Car Sales Fall to 20-Year Low Amid Unemployment"

Some quotes:

"High youth unemployment, an aging population and the declining value of the car as a status symbol indicate that the drop in demand is structural, Managing Director Elmar Kades said."

"European group sales at Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler rose 0.5 percent as the Mercedes-Benz division, the world’s third-biggest luxury-car manufacturer, posted a 2.6 percent increase, bolstered by demand for the A- and B-Class compacts and CLA four-door coupe."


Anecdotally, I am very excited about Tesla Europe.

Can anyone with insights on this please comment on Tesla's entrance into Europe against this backdrop?

Vawlkus | 18. Juni 2013

What did you think the reason sales was down was? It's because everyone has a Model S reserved }B) | 18. Juni 2013

Vawlkus +1 good one!

Brian H | 18. Juni 2013

Or is saving up for one. The Tesla Tsunami is about to smash into Europe's shores!