Car seats

Car seats

I almost hate to ask, but has anyone had any luck with boosters seats? The latch positions for the seat belts in the rear are so narrow that the Britax booster seats cover them up rendering them pretty much useless!

treeva | 04. Februar 2013

We removed the armrests from our Olli Klek boosters and they fit, although the right rear seat belt is hard to buckle unless you use the buckle receptacle from the center seat.

ghillair | 04. Februar 2013
Davidinkl | 04. Februar 2013

I've had three boosters in the back seat. They fit but difficult to buckle. I didn't feel the need for belt extenders. I didn't use the latch system

blurry_eyed | 04. Februar 2013

We have both a booster seat and a child car seat (One that uses the LATCH system) in our rear seat at the same time. We use an Evenflow booster seat and that fits fine on either the right or left rear passenger seats as does the child car seat. We do use a seatbelt extender to make it easier for my son to buckle himself in with the booster.

mbryzek | 23. März 2013

For 7 year old, we purchased this booster seat:

Really works great w/ latch (but get a Type A buckle extender to make it simpler for child to buckle own belt. We just ordered

We also have a 4 year old - replaced britax with a recaro because of smaller footprint:

The recaro seat fits very easily with latch and has just been perfect.


Lastrock625 | 23. März 2013

We got the jump seat option

walla2 | 23. März 2013

I'm using a The First Years Compass B505 Booster Car Seat. Reasonable foot print, comfortable, and great for flying/travel too. I got a seat belt extender to make buckling much easier and a Diono seat protector. The same company makes some nicer Boosters and my wife has one that has LATCH hooks to keep it from moving around when the kid isn't in the seat.

Compass Booster

Seat belt extender

Diono Car Seat Protector

kmssIL | 18. Februar 2014

I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but the information provided is quite helpful - thank you. I'm curious about experiences with the seat belt extenders... are they reliable? Do they remain fastened once they're latched? I read elsewhere about someone's experience with them coming unfastened, which concerns me, so if you have experience with a particular extender your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Azdcmoney | 18. Februar 2014

I have used the extenders listed above from amazon for a year, never had a problem, and I have two fully energized young boys.

kmssIL | 20. Februar 2014

@Azdcmoney - Thank you for your feedback. It's much appreciated (I have two fully energized young boys, too). Just to clarify, since both of the "extenders listed above" are from Amazon, do you have those linked by mbryzek or the rigid extenders linked by walla2?

Darmok | 20. Februar 2014

Here's a good review of the S from the perspective of car seat use.

Darmok | 20. Februar 2014

And here's a blurb from the review on extenders:

A solution I saw mentioned on the Tesla forums is an aftermarket buckle extender. I ordered one that had a webbing-style stalk and another that had a twisted wire stalk, otherwise known as a stiff buckle stalk. Neither of these buckle extenders is recommended for two reasons: it’s not mentioned in the S owner’s manual nor is it allowed by any carseat manufacturer for use with any booster. It is an easy fix for sure and the webbing stalk extender does set the buckle at a reasonable length, but will it really hold in a crash? We don’t know for sure and who really wants to find out using their own kid.