Charging Cable disappearance ?

Charging Cable disappearance ?

What prevents someone from walking off with your charge cable (adapters, etc) while you're gone ?

mkh1437 | 08. Januar 2013

While it is charging, the cable is locked to the car. You can't remove it without having the key fob.

PaceyWhitter | 08. Januar 2013

I have read that the adapters are not locked, so that may still be a problem.

nickjhowe | 08. Januar 2013

The Tesla charging cable (UMC) is always locked into the car. If you need to use a J1772 charger you will be using their cable not yours, and your adapter will be locked to the car.

PaceyWhitter | 08. Januar 2013

I guess I should have been more specific, the NEMA 14-50 adapter (or the 5-15 adapter if you are forced to use it) do not lock to the cable. This can be an issue if you are charging at RV campsites or charging at home where your car is outside or in an otherwise unsecured location.

mkh1437 | 08. Januar 2013

True, the NEMA 14-50 end of the cable is not locked, so it would be possible for someone to unplug it from the wall, and steal the adapter plug from that end. But the cable itself will remain locked to the car.

stevenmaifert | 08. Januar 2013

So what use are any of the adapters if you don't have a UMC to plug it into, or a Model S to use it with? Hopefully the smartphone app TM is developing will send us a text alert when there is an unauthorized unplugging a charger cable.

tork | 08. Januar 2013

I wasn't aware that the black market for these proprietary adapters was so big.

Brian H | 08. Januar 2013

Yep, MS owners are desperate to get 'em, and buy 'em on street corners! Or SLT. Or not.

Mtlord | 08. Januar 2013

My NEMA 14-50 will be installed by Solar City on the side of my house along my driveway next week. I plan to attempt to lock the cable somehow in a box so that I can permanently leave it there, and no one can steal it. Has anyone found an outdoor box, or some other method to lock the cable at the NEMA 14-50 end?

SpinMD in NC | 09. Januar 2013

I need specs on the cable that comes with the car.
Not electrical specs, but rather dimensional specs.
What is the length of the segment between the plug and the silver box?
What are the dimensions of the silver box?
Does it have wall anchoring grommet holes so that you can anchor it to the wall?
What is the length of the terminal segment do cable beyond the silver box?

SpinMD in NC | 09. Januar 2013

"What is the length of the terminal segment of cable beyond the silver box to the plug that attaches to the car?"

PaceyWhitter | 09. Januar 2013

Don't lock the cable at the box. You use that cable for public charging, you need it in the car. Just get a recepticale with a lockable cover that allows the cable to come out. (most outdoor recepticales come with these standard to protect from weather) Then when you plug in your adapter will be safe.

stevenmaifert | 09. Januar 2013

You need the UMC if you are going to charge from a NEMA 14-50 at an RV park, or a dryer outlet at family/friends, but you need only the J1772 adapter to charge at public access chargers like Blink or ChargePoint.

nickjhowe | 09. Januar 2013

@SpinMD - what do you mean by 'silver box' - do you mean the outlet on the wall? Dimensions are below:

A=11" long
B=8" long
D=18' long

Overall just over 20'
Dimensions are approximate.

Mtlord | 09. Januar 2013

@PaceyWhitter, I should have mentioned that I will be buying a second cable as soon as they are available. I just want the convenience of coming home in the dark, and quickly plugging in with the cable that is looped on the wall. I'm lazy that way. If the cables aren't available for a few months, and I'm going on a trip, then I'll unlock the cable and throw it in the car. So: still looking for a solution to lock it on the wall side, if anyone has ideas.

gregv64 | 09. Januar 2013

I don't forsee using my UMC much if at all away from home. All the public chargers I'll be using are either J1772 or superchargers. I don't plan on going to RV parks and 110 volt charging is pretty much useless. And 99% of the time I'm not going to have any need to charge away from home at all. I predict I'll disconnect my UMC from my home 14-50 maybe a couple times a year.

Superliner | 09. Januar 2013

Isn't the HPWC outdoor rated? You could just install one of those on the outside of your garage. Might be an option "sans the cost of the unit"

stevenmaifert | 09. Januar 2013

A spare UMC for the roadster is $1500. Expect one for Model S to be similarly priced. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend the $1500 on an HPWC and take the UMC with you?

jat | 09. Januar 2013

@Mtlord - if that is what you want, why not get an HPWC and get something designed to be mounted and with the capability of faster charging? It is likely to cost the same.

Brian H | 09. Januar 2013

110V charging is very useful for keeping the battery warm and regen available immediately, as long as the car is still sipping delicately when you unplug!

GoTeslaChicago | 09. Januar 2013

Tesla told me today that the UMC Is $500 vs $1,200 for the HPWC.
($1,500 was for the Roadster)

nhirsch | 18. März 2014

I'm looking for a locking electrical cover for a 14-50 receptacle big enough to hold the end connector of the UMC with 14-50 adapter and has a slot in the bottom allowing the cable to come out but the slot being too small for the end plug to come out.