I would like to know how much agreement is out there on the subject of chrome trim. I would like to see TM consider loosing the chrome trim entirely. It only cost money, comes from troubled parts of the world and detracts from the appearance of the car. Perhaps it could be powder coated to match the color of the car, or an optional trim color. Can you imagine Tesla Red on a Black or White car?

jerry3 | 19. September 2012

Me too. Three things that don't belong on a modern car are wood, leather, and chrome.

However, the majority of Tesla buyers apparently like the chrome. About the best you can do is silver which makes the chrome somewhat less obvious.

Joshua Burstyn | 19. September 2012

Pewter would be nice as an alternate. I think it looks a bit classier than plain chrome.

olanmills | 21. September 2012

I like the chrome door handles, and frame around the windows, but I don't like the trim on the side mirrors and underneath the door.

Also leather is awesome. I wish more surfaces in the car were covered in leather. Leather belongs everywhere! Wood is cool too!

Teoatawki | 22. September 2012

Some of the alpha cars had body color (with rounded ends instead of angular) door handles. I thought those looked pretty sharp.