Competetors for Tesla's main stream Gen 3

Competetors for Tesla's main stream Gen 3

I am a main tream consumer. The last car I bought is Camry, but I want to get an EV. Tesla Gen 3 is still far away and there is no way I can spend 80K on Model S. What is on my wish list?

1. Toyota Prius-plug in with 30 mile EV range in 2 years

I drive about 30 miles everyday. If Prius-plug has 30 mile EV range. I will use very limited gas every year. I hope Elon can work with Toyota to improve Prius-plug EV range.

2. Nissan leaf in 2 years

Computer gets better every year, so does the EV. If leaf can keep moving ti increase the range and lower the price, it will be a good choice.

3. Tesla Gen 3 in 5 or more years

I hope Elon can design a simple functinal EV with Gen 3. Make the car simple!!! No option to select other than two type of battary pack, just like iPhone. Find the most cost effective materials and best way to produce the Gen 3 car with high volume. Open the 17" pad to outside developers ASAP. More app means more uesful the car will be. 3rd party App can turn Tesla into a moving sales office. Tesla can run it like Apple App Store.

All the Car makers know Elon's long term plan by now. They will come up with something new to compete with Elon for sure.

What will be my 1st EV? I am still looking....

timrogersmail | 28. Januar 2014

Dear Tesla,

Like the above post I can't afford the Model S, but I am motivated to drive an electric car. Skip the bells and whistles...keep it simple. The options should rest with the battery selections. I need range over Napa leather and a change in your website to allow me to put a deposit on a Gen 3!