Correct Rims in Instrument Panel

Correct Rims in Instrument Panel

Ever since I picked up my car in December, the image of the car in the instrument panel has depicted the wrong rims. Likewise, the image of my car in the mobile app also depicts the wrong rims, but different from those in the instrument panel. On Tuesday night, I noticed the rims in the instrument panel were still incorrect. On Wednesday (yesterday) morning, the rims were correct all of a sudden. Likewise, the rims in the mobile app are also correct now. I'm surprised, because I was always told you needed to have the instrument panel image updated at a service center, but I've never taken my car into a service center, and I haven't had a software update since the 4.3 update 2 weeks ago.

Anyone else experience this?

GeekEV | 11. April 2013

From what I've seen it's just a configuration option in the car itself that the software uses to know which picture to show. They've apparently had a problem with it being incorrect, so it would seem they've decided to go back and audit them on their own. Previously you had to contact ownership and they'd fix it for you. They just pushed a new configuration setting to your car, no new software needed.

jjaeger | 11. April 2013

and this matters why? I don't quite get this fascination with the car graphic on the display. Prefer they work on true functional bugs over some GUI nit...

Carmine | 11. April 2013

@Schlermie, my Sig P85 was delayed and also delivered in early December depicting the 19" rather than the grey 21". It didn't bother me I just was going to have it corrected when I was in for service. But, just as you, my MS has not required a trip to the service center to this point in time. After reading your post I checked my instrument panel and the car graphics now show the correct 21" grey wheels. Sp, you're not alone!

STARR X | 12. April 2013

I have had my MS since the end of January and have 19" rims on my car and on the screen in the car. But my app shows 21" rims. I had called ownership and was told it was something they were working on but as of today, I still have 21" rims. I have 4.3 downloaded too.

c.bussert67 | 12. April 2013

The graphic depiction is just a call away. Mine was messed up after an update. I called Tesla, while I was in the car and it changed right in front of my eyes!
Just another excuse to sit in your S while it's in the garage ;-)