Distance between SC stations in CA?

Distance between SC stations in CA?

Hi owners,

I'm trying to decide between 60kW or 85 kWh battery and wondering if someone has done the work of finding out what the distance is between stations. Would 60kW be just fine? Its a significant ($8k) cost savings.

kingkoti | 14. Februar 2013

I'm counting on 60 kWh to make these distances !

copy / paste from some other thread :
SuperChargers (CA)

Barstow Hawthorne 121 miles
Hawthorne Tejon Ranch 92 miles
Tejon Ranch Harris Ranch 116 miles
Harris Ranch Gilory 111 miles
Gilroy Folsom 164 miles

Range Charge(100%) Standard Charge (85%)
Advertised Range @ 55 mph 230 196
Advertised Range @ 65 mph 196 167
Advertised Range @ 65 mph + HVAC 190 162
EPA Range 208 177
Real Life (Speeding or Climate = 2/3 range) 139 118

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

It's not "just fine". 60kWh Supercharged cars are a barely workable kludge. They have to stretch their range to the max (esp. at highway speeds), fully charge (which takes much more than twice as long) and generally clog up the system, which is designed for the long-distance model, the 85.

Darmok | 14. Februar 2013

If I were going to be taking my S on road trips frequently, I would get the 85. I chose the 60 because it will be a city car 95% or more of the time. When the X comes, my version will be the largest battery available because it will be used for road trips. However, if the SCs are placed at intervals where I can comfortably use them for a trip, I will take trips in the 60 kWh S.

archibaldcrane | 14. Februar 2013

If you're living IN LA or IN SF you're probably good to go with the 60kwh for in-state road trips. Doing the SF>LA>SF drive is fine, and doing LA to Vegas is fine. LA to San Diego is fine too, but with no SC you can't round-trip it without using a level 2 charger. The only trip that is pushing it is the Gilroy to Folsom trip for a 60kwh - so if you're planning on making trips to Reno or Carson City or Lake Tahoe, keep that in mind.

archibaldcrane | 14. Februar 2013

Has anyone with a 60kwh with SC figured out how long it takes to full range charge with a SC from, like, 5% battery?

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

The same as with an 85. You get less, but the time required doesn't change.

Timo | 14. Februar 2013

It could be faster, battery can accept higher C than 85kWh version gets at SC max power. It hurts it more though. Depends how the wiring has been done (how many parallel vs series).