Do any college students work at or have worked at Tesla?

Do any college students work at or have worked at Tesla?

I have applied to Tesla in hopes of being a product specialist or a porter. However, I have yet to hear back from Tesla. Does anyone know how long it takes before you receive a reply? Also what kind of job experience did you have before working at Tesla? It's my dream to work for such a revolutionizing and amazing company and I would love to be a part of their team. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

rmp123 | 27. Juni 2013

I applied to Tesla, but didn't get drafted (maybe later). They said, "competition is fierce". The best thing is to call HR and leave messages. Make sure you have a passion for "EVs".

awieckowski4833 | 27. Juni 2013

What position did you apply for (just curious)? Thanks for the tip, will do.

Bighorn | 27. Juni 2013

Are they hiring MDs?

awieckowski4833 | 28. Juni 2013

Bighorn you can search for any job openings at this link:

Or if that doesn't open, then scroll down to the bottom right of the page and under ABOUT TESLA you will see Careers.

Good luck!- Alex

rmp123 | 28. Juni 2013

I applied for product specialist. I did the phone screen with the recruiter. I think I was turned down because I was older and overqualified. Who knows? The pay offer was like $12Hr and stock options.

I thought it would be good to have a senior person on staff to answers questions about the car and company. But I guess they rather hire younger kids and let them learn on the fly.

awieckowski4833 | 28. Juni 2013

Sorry to hear that rmp123. I haven't yet heard back from Tesla but I still have high hopes; it would be awesome to be part of the Tesla team. I'm not worried about the pay, I want the job to learn about the company and experience working for a large company. However, I wonder what the average age is of a product specialist. Thanks for the info and response!

crikescrikes | 28. Juni 2013

rmp123 I don't think it was your age. Did you show a lot of enthusiasm about the Model S and X? Did you watch a lot of Elon's interviews before YOUR phone interview? Did you impress them with your knowledge of Tesla?

Don't be discouraged.

Apply again.

The company is growing at such an incredible pace. Where do you think Elon would be if he gave up after his first few tries? Elon had a lot of challenges with PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City, but he didn't give up!

Give it a shot and reapply! Just curious; which city did you apply for? Please share what type of questions they asked for the "Product Specialist". Thanks.

awieckowski4833 | 28. Juni 2013

I applied for product specialist in New York City. Crikescrikes did you work for Tesla or know anyone that did? And rmp123 I'm curious as well to know what questions they asked and how was the interview? Much appreciation to you guys for replying. -Alex

rmp123 | 30. Juni 2013

I rather not revisit this topic again. Good luck.

awieckowski4833 | 01. Juli 2013

Okay, thank you.

davidhibbard412 | 31. Januar 2020

I have doubts, Tesla announced recently that company is reducing its workforce by 7 percent, professionals cannot find job there and you want students work for company? Unlikely..

FactDoc | 31. Januar 2020

They need battery MDs