Does factory have a store?

Does factory have a store?

I'm planning on picking up my tesla at the Fremont factory. Is there a Tesla store there where you buy charging adapters and premium mats?

bradslee | 21. Februar 2013

When I went to the factory tour, I did not see that they have a store where you can buy the adapters or floor mat. At the reception area, they display some T-shirts and cups and I assume that you can buy them if you want. I stopped by at Tesla Santana Row store today and rep informed me that if I would like to buy MS gears, it would be better to get online at Tesla Gear to make purchase.

shop | 21. Februar 2013

Online, you pay ridiculous amounts for shipping charges, so it would be nice if they a) fixed their shipping charges, b) dumped their inventory to amazon since amazon knows how to ship something for cheaper than $30, or c) start selling useful stuff in their stores.

lov2krz | 22. Februar 2013

I have heard that some of the Service Centers have some of the items. I'd call first to check, if they answer the phone that is.

shop | 22. Februar 2013

I called my San Diego service center about the premium floor mats and was told 'they came with the car' and muttered something about due bills. They sounded in a hurry and obviously didn't take the time to understand or want to understand what I was asking for.

Darmok | 22. Februar 2013

I bought the tire repair/inflation kit at the service center at the Factory. When I was picking up the car I asked if one was available, and they called over to service to check. The service guys were able to scare one up, but my impression was that it's kind of hit or miss. If they can find what you want, they'll probably sell it to you.

mal42north | 22. Februar 2013

I was just at the service depot at the Fremont factory yesterday. I purchased a 6-50 adapter with no shipping charge (no pun intended). They appeared to have all of the adapters in stock, you can call then to find out what other goodies they have.

gregv64 | 22. Februar 2013

Yeah, I would have gotten the inflation kit, but the shipping charge is ridiculous. I ordered one off amazon instead. It didn't occur to me to ask at the factory.