Does the skin seats stretch?

Does the skin seats stretch?

I have to emit that I have looked in the windows of many Tesla Model S while waiting for my own. The main reason is that I have selected textile seats and I have not yet seen a Model S with this seat configuration.

But what I have noticed is that many of the Model S seats has been stretched and the leather is no longer tight. To me it looks ugly and the first cars in Norway begun delivery for just a few months ago.

Too compare this issue I have glanced in other older cars like BMW and Audi and it seems to me that the design of BMW and Audi is made such as the leather never get stretched, it just compress. While in Tesla it seem to me that the leather is under more stress.

Does the skin seats stretch?

(I have selected textile because textile has better temperature properties and because they are less slippery in high speed turns)

Captain_Zap | 19. Oktober 2013

I have had my car for almost a year. My seats are non-perforated leather and the leather has looked relaxed since it was new. I have the performance version of the leather seats, but I can't speak for the non-performance version of leather seats.
I'm from the other court, I never cared for textile seats in any car.

GDH | 19. Oktober 2013

It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again.

That's what the title of this thread reminds me of.

Notre | 19. Oktober 2013

I chose the textile seats for the same reasons and am very happy. Looks good and is comfortable. Surprisingly I also like the mandatory Piano Black decor. I have the grey exterior color. No regrets on that either.

Notre | 20. Oktober 2013


Leather is "skinn" in Norwegian or "hud" which also means skin.

GDH | 20. Oktober 2013

Notre, would you mind posting a few pics of your textile seats?, I am I cannot decide on leather or textile but the service centers here and at the store do not have textile.

frekri | 20. Oktober 2013

Haha, Im sorry. Skin is Leather in Norwegian. :)