Does the Tesla Factory Store stock/sell the floor mats?

Does the Tesla Factory Store stock/sell the floor mats?

I have opted to pick up my car at the factory and do the tour, sometime in the next 2-4 weeks.

I am going to buy the mats but to save on shipping costs and was thinking I could buy them at the factory on the day I pick the car up.

Anyone know if the store (I assume there is one) stocks these?


nickjhowe | 26. Februar 2013

Per another thread, I don't think there is one (a factory store). You might want to check with your DS.

David Trushin | 26. Februar 2013

I called the Tesla showroom in Oakbrook (IL) and the Chicago Service center and both said that they don't stock the floormats. I ordered them on line on Jan. 24th and they are arriving Feb 28th. Until then I am using the front mats that came with the car and the rear mats that were actually the paper mats that they put over the front mats. These are good temporary solutions. Being in a cold climate in winter I do not have the fold over problems others have complained about with the standard mats.

I would expect that these are not an inventory item because of cost concerns. BTW, the online store was very poor at giving feedback on the order. It took several calls.

JZ13 | 26. Februar 2013

There is no Tesla store at the factory. I inquired if I could purchase the tire kit when I arrived at the factory and they said I would have to go to a Tesla store.

Darmok | 26. Februar 2013

I got the tire kit at the factory. They had one at the service center and sold it to me.

Brian H | 26. Februar 2013

Yeah, but I think that was just the service center being helpful. Not something the make a practice of selling to all comers.

lov2krz | 26. Februar 2013

I was at the Fremont Service Center on Monday 2/25 and purchased the tire inflation kit while there, they also had the new 6-50 adapter plug. They do have some items but you have to ask. The Fremont Service Center is hoping to have a store on site and are awaiting their order, I'm not holding my breath for that to happen quickley.

As far as floor mats go, the front mats that came with my car (delivered 2/7) had fairly nice carpet floor mats in the front. I purchased my custom made mats from Anything Auto (Lloyd's) and they arrived in a week. They fit well, match the interior carpet and are of good quality equal to other auto manufacturers floor mats.

Hope this helps

Darmok | 26. Februar 2013

I think you're right, Brian, the points being that it doesn't hurt to ask, but don't count on it. They help when they're able.