Door handles won't retract after new firmware update

Door handles won't retract after new firmware update

Anyone having this issue? Car is off. I have been closing the doors with the key fob and 15 seconds after walking away the doors open. Had to change the settings to stop the door handles from opening when approaching the car to temporarily fix this issue.

Tried a reboot as well but did not help.

NKYTA | 24. März 2013


We have the same issue on our P85.

DennisM | 24. März 2013

Yes - mine, too. Addressed elsewhere in the forum. Others are having the issue. Apparently there's a temp workaround. Calling the factory.

DennisM | 24. März 2013

Here's what the factory is recommending as a temp work-around and, so far, is working on my car: On the Settings menu, turn OFF "auto-presenting door handles" and "walk-away locking." Then open and close each door and the trunk - (opening frunk not necessary). Finally - re-boot the touchscreen by holding down the two scroll wheels simultaneously till it goes black and the big "T" reappears - and re-boot the dash display by holding down the top two buttons on the steering wheel (above the scroll wheels) till the display goes dark. Service rep said they're getting calls and are working on a permanent fix.

Flex | 24. März 2013

I started a thread about this earlier. Solution factory gave me was to reboot then turn off auto extending door handles. They told me that they would also contact me local service center about the problem for me.

Brian.S | 24. März 2013

Thanks. Will try when I get home.

CarlE_P439 | 26. März 2013

Not having that problem with mine. Does having the Tech package (auto-presenting handles) make a difference?