Dotted / Dashed line in the regenerative dial

Dotted / Dashed line in the regenerative dial

Hello all,
Just recently I get a dotted/dashed/broken line in the kw part of the dial in the regenerative section.
It eventually goes away after driving some 10-15 miles.
Anybody else see this? And does anybody know what that line indicates?

ir | 22. Februar 2013

I'm guessing you live in a cold climate. It means the battery is warming-up to optimal temperature. During such time, performance and regen may not be as good as it should be.

jat | 22. Februar 2013

Regen is limited when the battery is below a certain temperature, and the dashed line shows that. If it is really cold, you will also see it on the power side because the maximum power to the motor is also limited. | 22. Februar 2013

jat is correct. You can also regen limited if the battery is fully charged.

bfranks273 | 22. Februar 2013

Right, these are happening to me based on outside temperature. The colder, the tighter the initial limits. One idea, if convenient, is just before you leave to turn the charging on again by setting it to Max range, but just for 10 mins or so. This will warm the battery and reduce or eliminate the limits. Dont forget to turn Max Range back off. Doing this with the app a bit before you get into the car is quite convenient.

jat | 22. Februar 2013

Or just turn on heating 15min before you get in the car, which you want to do for yourself anyway.

Sudre_ | 22. Februar 2013

Since I am only driving around 20 miles a day for work. I plug my car in at when I get home and stop the charge. In the morning when I get up I use the app to start the charge and turn the heat on. By the time I get to the car it is all warmed up and at 175 rated miles.

I had thought about doing the max range thing for 10 minutes but I don't know how Tesla would take that as far as warranty if I did that 5 times a week every week. Hopefully I get a software update with the charge timer on it soon.

EcLectric | 22. Februar 2013

I had the same experience. It turned out that my S got set to 'max range' mode and was fully charged. After a few miles, the dashed line went away and regen resumed. I don't know how it got set to max range, but it's possible someone set it by accident.

DouglasR | 22. Februar 2013


I had always assumed that getting the car to reach full charge right around the time I want to drive it would cause the yellow dotted line to disappear. It turns out that does not work, at least not all of the time. On a recent road trip I slowed the amperage at night so that the car would finish charging just as I got going in the morning, but usually the line was still there. It went away after a few minutes, but I got the feeling that charging the battery does not, by itself, warm the battery enough to eliminate the line.

Brian H | 23. Februar 2013

Using Max Range isn't a problem. Actually reaching max range may be one.

ckanuga | 23. Februar 2013

Thank you all for the explaination of what this is and how to get rid of the limited regen.

stevenmaifert | 23. Februar 2013

I just finished my first max range charge on a 65 degree day in San Diego, and got the dotted lines for the first time. I think the primary reason for the dotted lines is to represent the maximum regen the battery can take at that moment, based on temperature and state of charge.

DouglasR | 23. Februar 2013


That would explain why driving immediately after the battery is fully charged (standard or range) may still have the line visible: the battery may be warm enough, but because it's fully charged, it can't take much regen.

Anthony H | 24. Februar 2013

Using Max Range isn't a problem. Actually reaching max range may be one.
@Brian H, I think you are correct.

Similar experience recently going from Phoenix to Las Vegas in a 60kWh.
Summary here:

(I hope that link works; if not, got to Tesla Motors Club, search on "Phoenix to Las Vegas, and back, in a 60kWh Model S"

Brian H | 24. Februar 2013

Here's an earlier quote from Mark K September 24, 2012:
"No Limits on Supercharge Cycles!

Talked with Supercharger chief engineer tonight at event and definitively confirmed:

1. You can Supercharge as often as you like with NO degradation of battery.

2. TM software manages everything. You just hook up.